New Android apps worth downloading: YouTube update, PrivacyStar, Tekken Card Tournament | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: YouTube update, PrivacyStar, Tekken Card Tournament

Apr 5, 2013

Start the week streaming video with YouTube, the updated version of the service’s mobile app. It brings the ability to view videos from creators you subscribe to and offers improved content navigation. Following that is PrivacyStar, an app that allows you to block unwanted calls and text messages, and Tekken Card Tournament, a turn-based version of the fighting franchise that you can play against opponents on either Android and iOS.

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YouTube update (Free)

What’s it about? Video streaming service YouTube plugs you in to all the videos uploaded by users from around the world, and makes sharing and commenting easy.

What’s cool? YouTube is exactly what you’d expect: a mobile means of accessing the huge online database of user-created videos on the YouTube website. It’s Android-optimized to make streaming and viewing easy, and YouTube gives you almost all the features you’d expect with the web version, including the ability to see subscribed feeds, share videos, add comments and so on. YouTube’s newest update makes it easier to access your subscriptions and see latest videos, as well as squashes some bugs and makes it easier to navigate through content creators’ uploads

Who’s it for? If you like streaming video on YouTube at all, you’ll want the app made for doing it on your mobile device.

What’s it like? Stream even more videos (and get some curated feeds) from Dailymotion Video Streaming and Klip Video Sharing.

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PrivacyStar Text & Call Block (Free)

What’s it about? A PrivacyStar lets you block incoming calls (perfect for watching the Final Four), while giving you the capabilities of looking up phone numbers calling you, so you have a better idea of where incoming calls are coming from.

What’s cool? PrivacyStar Text & Call Block gives you – guess what – the ability to block texts and calls. That’s a handy ability for when you’re somewhere important and don’t want to be disturbed, but it’s also not the only things the app is capable of doing to help you with privacy. If you’re willing to pay a subscription fee, you can use it to look up phone numbers, block private and unknown numbers, and report people who violate the “Do Not Call” list law.

Who’s it for? Anyone who needs some relief from spam texts, solicitor calls and other irritating communications should check out PrivacyStar.

What’s it like? Both Mr. Number and Stupid Phonecalls Blocker can help you stop phone calls you don’t want.

Tekken Card Tournament (Free)

What’s it about? Fighting game franchise Tekken takes on card-battle games with Tekken Card Tournament, a turn-based, free-to-play version that lets players battle it out.

What’s cool? Tekken Card Tournament takes the idea of the one-on-one fight game franchise that has been popular for years on consoles and turns it into a turn-based multiplayer battle. Players gather different “cards” in the game, which they take turns playing against opponents. You’ll customize your deck of cards for battle, choosing which cards you want and which you don’t, each with different stats and characteristics. Tekken Card Tournament allows you to take on players either on Android or Apple’s iOS platform, so you can battle pretty much anyone around the world.

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Who’s it for? Fans of Tekken games and multiplayer battles should find lots of fun in Tekken Card Tournament.

What’s it like? You’ll find more card-battle action in Order & Chaos Duels and Chains of Durandal.

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