New Android apps worth downloading: Yelo: Cheap Calls Worldwide, Talking Angela, Temple Run 2 | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Yelo: Cheap Calls Worldwide, Talking Angela, Temple Run 2

Jan 24, 2013

Today’s fresh apps start with Yelo, a voice over Internet app that’s great for making cheap international calls. Following that is the novelty pet app Talking Angela, a digital friend who knows how to communicate. Finally, we’ve got Temple Run 2, the follow-up to the super-popular endless runner that runs laps around its predecessor.

Yelo: Cheap Calls Worldwide (Free)

What’s it about? As the name suggests, Yelo is a voice-over-Internet app great for making international phone calls without breaking the bank.

What’s cool? You buy credits and make calls over your cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection to other phones. It’s basically for combatting the high rates of international calls, and perfect for making calls when you’re traveling to avoid high roaming fees. The app also lets you tap into your device’s internal contacts list, so making calls is quick and easy.

Who’s it for? Travelers and anyone who might want to make international calls should check out Yelo as an option.

What’s it like? You can get more VoIP capabilities with Viber and Skype.

Talking Angela (Free)

What’s it about? The latest of developer Outfit7’s talking creature apps lets users chat with anthropomorphic cat “Angela” in Paris.

What’s cool? The “Talking” apps are pretty simple, and yet highly popular and comical. Talking Angela presents users with an on-screen feline that answers certain questions you can ask her using your device’s microphone or keyboard. Angela is also something of a virtual pet, so you can give her gifts, pet her to make her happy, and jab her to make her upset. Angela even responds when you smile or stick out your tongue.

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Who’s it for? Talking Angela will mostly appeal to kids, but anyone who likes a novelty electronic pet should give it a look.

What’s it like? Outfit7 also offers Talking Tom Cat, the male version of Talking Angela, and Talking Ginger.

Temple Run 2 (Free)

What’s it about? The free sequel to the super-popular 3-D endless running title is finally on Android.

What’s cool? Temple Run 2 does a great job of tweaking the formula Temple Run fans know and love, creating a game that feels fresh and challenging without being radically different. Just as last time around, players control their adventurer from a behind-the-back perspective and are charged with jumping over, sliding under, or slipping past obstacles. The game takes place on a mountaintop littered with ruins. The game looks great and there are new elements in play to trip you up and kill you – not the least of which are visual cues like beautiful vistas that you don’t realize are actually deadly cliffs until it’s too late. New power-ups and objectives have been added, and there’s a new power system that lets players charge up some protection against obstacles as they grab coins.

Who’s it for? If you like runners at all (and obviously if you’re a Temple Run fan), this is a great one.

What’s it like? Check out the original Temple Run, as well as Temple Run Brave, the tie-in title with the Disney movie Brave.

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