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New Android apps worth downloading: Yahoo! Weather update, BrainAttack, Telekinesis Kyle

Aug 18, 2013

Get your weather information with beautiful, user-snapped photos in Yahoo! Weather, which kicks off today’s App Worth Downloading list. It brings you all the weather information you’re used to finding, plus more detailed data like wind pressure and UV indexes to supplement the usual forecasts. We’ve also got BrainAttack, an app meant to help doctors properly treat stroke victims, and Telekinesis Kyle, a puzzle-platformer in which players must use Kyle’s ability to manipulate objects with his mind in order to clear obstacles and create paths forward.

Yahoo! Weather update (Free)

What’s it about? Get all kinds of weather information on a variety of locations with Yahoo! Weather.

What’s cool? Sure, there are a huge number of weather apps out there in the Google Play Store, but Yahoo! Weather outpaces a lot of them through sheer beauty. The app does everything you’d expect for a solid weather app, including providing 10-day forecasts and current conditions from any city in the world you want to know about. It also includes more detailed weather information, like wind pressure, precipitation, satellite maps, UV indexes and humidity sensors, so you can get a pretty clear picture of what you can expect from your weather. The app’s new update adds the beauty part, bringing in photos from Yahoo! Weather users to act as backgrounds that add a lot to the app’s presentation.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking for a useful weather app that’s also nice to look at, Yahoo! Weather is a great choice.

What’s it like? The Weather Channel and AccuWeather are also great weather apps and make good alternatives.

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BrainAttack ($2.99)

What’s it about? BrainAttack helps doctors to quickly identify important information and symptoms in stroke victims.

What’s cool? Doctors know that time is of the essence when it comes to patients suffering from strokes, and BrainAttack looks to help them get information they need as quickly as possible when they’re dealing with a stroke victim. The app is specifically aimed at helping doctors determine if stroke victims are eligible for treatment called tPA, which can dissolve blood clots but isn’t appropriate for every patient. BrainAttack provides doctors with a quick questionnaire that they can interact with to determine if a patient is eligible for tPA, and it also includes other the National Institute of Health’s Stroke Scale, and BrainAttack makes it easy to email all results from the app to others in order to save them for later.

Who’s it for? Neurologists and doctors, BrainAttack is an app meant to make your jobs quicker and easier when acting fast is extremely important.

What’s it like? Apps such as NIHSS (Stroke Scales) and Spot a Stroke F.A.S.T. can also be useful to medical professionals and everyday people when dealing with strokes.

Telekinesis Kyle (Free)

What’s it about? Side-scrolling platformer Telekinesis Kyle sends players through puzzle-heavy levels, in which they’ll have to use Kyle’s telekinetic abilities to manipulate objects and clear the way forward.

What’s cool? Kyle has some unique gifts – namely, he can move objects with this mind. That makes him an interesting test subject in Telekinesis Kyle, in which players have to work through a variety of levels that can only be passed by using Kyle’s special abilities. Players have to work their way through levels with the standard running and jumping platformer capabilities, but they’ll also need to do things like use Kyle’s mind to position blocks to climb, or place pipes in order to divert water or fire out of his way. Telekinesis Kyle includes 27 different levels for players to work through (the first seven of which are free with the app), and tells its story through hand-painted comic book panels in between.

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Who’s it for? Fans of platformers will find lots to enjoy as they solve puzzles in Telekinesis Kyle.

What’s it like? Other great Android platformers include Cordy and Paper Monsters.

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