New Android apps worth downloading: Xbox Music, Simplenote, Flick Kick Field Goal 2014

Sep 13, 2013

Xbox Music is Microsoft’s official answer to all the music library and streaming services out there, and it’s surprisingly well crafted. Simplenote is one of the more endearing and enduring note and list making apps around, and it’s now on Google Play. Flick Kick Field Goal 2014 is the latest in the long series from PikPok, with a focus on college football and competition, plus a smattering of fun social features.

Xbox Music (Free)

What’s it about? Microsoft’s own answer to all the music library and streaming services out there, officially designed for Xbox One, Windows 8, and mobile.

What’s cool? Assuming you have a Microsoft account (You do if you use Outlook, Widnows 8, or Xbox) and you also have the required Xbox Music Pass, you will gain access to a completely massive library of millions of songs, ad-free, with the ability to songs, albums, and playlists to your collection. You can even sync your playlists across your phone, tablet, 360, PC, etc. The interface makes use of the same strong and easily navigable style of Windows 8, Xbox Live, Windows phones, etc. The app is a little buggy, and really works best if you have Windows 8, but it’s still worth a look.

Who’s it for? People who want access to all the music they could want, who also have an Xbox Music Pass.

What’s it like? This is basically Microsoft’s answer to services like Rdio and Spotify.

Simplenote (Free)

What’s it about? The popular note taking service finally makes the jump to Android, with plenty of great features.

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What’s cool? With a simple, clean interface, Simplenote makes it as easy as possible to keep notes and lists, or just jot down your brilliant ideas, all with an emphasis on speed and efficiency. The app has a lot of good features to keep your notes organized and easy to find with various tags and pins, and they’ll all stay in sync with all of your devices. All totally free. There is not much more to say. This is a really basic, kind of bare-bones, but still really well made note taking app.

Who’s it for? Anyone who likes to jot things down and make lots of lists all the time.

What’s it like? Google Keep offers a similar service, as does

Flick Kick Field Goal 2014 (Free)

What’s it about? The latest from the Flick Kick series, you can side with various teams and battle your friends on the leaderboards.

What’s cool? Developed by PikPok, one of the most reliable developers on mobile, this is the latest in a long running series of Flick Kick games. With a focus on college football, with over 60 teams from 32 cities, you can participate in plenty of fun goal kicking, with daily challenges to beat and rewards to reap. There is a big emphasis on team loyalty as you battle on the leaderboards. Recruiting friends to your team or choice gives you big boosts and bonuses, making this one of the more social mobile games around. The gameplay is solid too.

Who’s it for? Fans of simplified sports games or college football in general.

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What’s it like? For similar games in different sports, check out Flick Kick Football or Rugby. Also, Flick Golf Extreme.

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