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New Android apps worth downloading: WinePoynt, 9×, Ant Raid

Dec 28, 2012

If you’re the kind of person who started 2013 off with some wine (probably in addition to champagne), you might want to check out WinePoynt, an app that makes wine recommendations no matter where you are. For those seeking entertainment, 9× is a curated YouTube video app with channels based around specific subjects. Finally, we’ve got action-strategy game Ant Raid, in which you control ant forces to fight off large, terrifying bugs.

WinePoynt (Free)

What’s it about? WinePoynt is a wine recommendation app that provides personalized recommendations for bringing the wine that is appropriate for the event you’re attending.

What’s cool? Whether you’re eating at a restaurant or dining in, WinePoynt pairs the right wine to go with your meal. You can filter results by restaurant, grape types, prices and even what’s on sale at nearby stores. After you purchase a recommended wine, the app lets you take notes and save photos for your records. You can also share wines with friends and create custom lists of wines you enjoy most.

Who’s it for? WinePoynt is for connoisseurs and  those new to the art of grape fermentation. It helps in building a vocabulary and palette for distinguishing wines from various vineyards.

What’s it like? For more wine apps with a similar blend of aesthetics, try Wine Dictionary and Hello Vino.

9× (Free)

What’s it about? 9× is a curated app that provides video channels with specifically grouped by theme or subject.

What’s cool? Using 9× is a bit like watching TV. The app contains nine different channels of content taken from YouTube, curated into playlists you can access anytime, anywhere. You can watch any channel’s episodes or browse random videos. The app also supports sharing videos between Android devices, so you can beam a video to a friend nearby or to your smart TV.

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Who’s it for? Anybody who enjoys passing the time watching videos on their Android devices should take a look at 9×

What’s it like? For more videos, try the standalone YouTube app, or YouTube player TubeBox.

Ant Raid ($0.99)

What’s it about? Ant Raid blends action and strategy, requiring players to defend an ant colony against attacking bugs by allocating ant forces to beat them back.

What’s cool? Ant Raid is one of those games that’s easy to learn and hard to master. Your job is to manage various ant types to attack different bugs. The amount of ants you send to each enemy, and how fast you react to new threats is key to survival. You’ll also need to keep some ants in reserve to save your incapacitated troops to bring them back into the fight, and use power-ups that allow you to affect the action yourself. There are multiple modes to play through, including an endless survival mode in which you compete to see how long you can last.

Who’s it for? If strategy titles with cartoon graphics are your thing, you won’t be disappointed with Ant Raid.

What’s it like? Battle Bugs will provide you with more strategy and insects, while X-Bugs is more about smashing them.

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