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New Android apps worth downloading: Warmly, Split Camera, One Tap Hero

Jun 11, 2013

When you got out of bed today, was it to a blaring, piercing alarm clock? I’d guess the answer is yes, which is why it might be worth downloading Warmly, a friendlier alternative alarm clock app. Today also brings us Split Camera, a new app for creating simple and colorful photo collages. One Tap Hero is a great new one button game that anyone can play, but it manages to still be challenging and satisfying.

Warmly – An alarm clock ($1.99)

What’s it about? Warmly is a new alarm clock app that’s considerate of your feelings in the morning, and tries to wake you up pleasantly.

What’s cool? Some alarm clocks use the most obnoxious noises in the world or mathematics to wake you up. Some even have you spin in circles. Warmly has decided to take the other side of that coin. By setting a kind of ambient noise that would be pleasant to wake up to, including nature, a morning train ride, coffee brewing, and many more, increasing the volume gradually over a few minutes, it hopes to wake you up calmly and naturally. It even integrates the weather into your alarm, letting you know what to expect outside. I can’t see this working for everyone. I mean, I sleep through earthquakes. But it’s a cool concept.

Who’s it for? People other than me and my heavy sleeping brethren. Anyone who wants a bit less stress in their morning routine.

What’s it like? Alarm Clock Pro also has many alarm sound options. Otherwise, you could always try Puzzle Alarm Clock or Math Alarm Clock.

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Split Camera (Free)

What’s it about? Split Camera helps you take your ordinary photos and tell colorful stories with them.

What’s cool? By adding loads of effects, clip-art, frames, different patterns, and more, you can combine multiple photographs into fun little collages, with their own themes or stories to tell. You can easily share those photo collages with friends or family through Facebook, Twitter, Email, and all the rest. There are apps with similar functionality, but the main selling point here is simplicity and ease of use. Although, it is prone to be a bit buggy depending on the device.

Who’s it for? People who like to inject a little bit of fun and creativity into their otherwise ordinary photo taking.

What’s it like? PIP Camera also lets you make creative photo combos, while LINE Camera also has loads of fun digital decorations.

One Tap Hero (Free)

What’s it about? Innovative, one touch gameplay is combined with cute and colorful visuals to create something really unique.

What’s cool? One button/one touch gameplay has always been fairly challenging to design for, especially in innovative new ways. One Tap Hero from Coconut Island Studios goes the way of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. By that, I mean they make your taps heavily context sensitive, depending on what is near the hero at the time you tap, from ladders to switches or whatever. These one button games tend to get stale quickly, but the level design here manages to keep things interesting, and it’s even got loads of cute unlockable extras and costumes.

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Who’s it for? Anyone who wants a simple yet satisfying game that anyone can play.

What’s it like? Thief Lupin! offers similar one touch gameplay. Daddy Was a Thief is also creative with the concept, though it isn’t strictly one button gameplay.

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