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New Android apps worth downloading: Vyclone, doubleTwist with Magic Radio, Chaos Rings II

Mar 15, 2013

Head into the weekend with Vyclone, today’s first app worth downloading, which allows you and friends to shoot videos at an event simultaneously. The app gathers all the footage and turns it into a movie that automatically switches between cameras and angles. There’s also doubleTwist with Magic Radio, a new music app that can handle all of your listening needs, and Chaos Rings II, a graphically beautiful new role-playing title from Final Fantasy creator Square Enix.

Vyclone (Free)

What’s it about? Team up with your friends to capture an event from all angles with the help of video app Vyclone.

What’s cool? Vyclone is another of those video apps that lets you sync up with friends at an event to turn your Android devices into an army of video cameras. The cool thing about Vyclone is, unlike other apps in this vein, it doesn’t require much in the way of management on your part. Instead, Vyclone lets you sync with other friends at an event and just shoot away. It automatically uploads everyone’s video to the app’s cloud service, where it combines it to create a single movie. The app automatically cuts between different cameras, bringing multiple angles to a single movie with almost no extra work.

Who’s it for? Smartphone videographers with lots of smartphone videographer friends will find lots about Vyclone to like.

What’s it like? Try WeVideo Camera for more multiple-camera possibilities, and Keek for some quick video-sharing capabilities.

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doubleTwist with Magic Radio (Free)

What’s it about? doubleTwist is a music app that fills the role iOS users get from iTunes – it can play music, podcasts, radio and video, and sync.

What’s cool? The goal of doubleTwist is to bring you all the audio options you want on your Android device in one all-encompassing app. Its new Magic Radio feature brings a streaming radio station that you can personalize if you subscribe, and the app can also play all the music files you already have on your device, as well as things like podcasts and even videos. You can also set up doubleTwist to sync new music from your computer to your mobile device, including iTunes playlists, and doubleTwist can make “smart playlists” for you as well.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking for a solid music app that can do everything, try doubleTwist.

What’s it like? Check out Google Play Music and PlayerPro Music Player for some solid alternatives.

Chaos Rings II ($15.99)

What’s it about? Square Enix’s Chaos Ring series returns with more classic Japanese role-playing game action and some really great-looking graphics.

What’s cool? Chaos Rings is Square Enix’s preeminent mobile RPG series, characterized by the things the developer has become known for – sweeping stories, amazing graphics, turn-based combat and crazy effects. In Chaos Rings II, players are forced to fight through a mansion filled with enemies, and form parties of only two characters for each battle. The game includes an entirely new graphics engine that looks gorgeous, and its story adapts to your choices as you play. There are also hidden endings and bosses to find and destroy.

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Who’s it for? Fans of role-playing titles and the Final Fantasy series need to check out Square Enix’s latest.

What’s it like? There are two other titles in the Chaos Rings series worth playing: Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings: Omega.

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