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New Android apps worth downloading: VoiceBo, IMDb Movies & TV update, Super Mega Worm

Jul 19, 2013

Join a new community of people with voice-based social networking app VoiceBo, our first app worth downloading today. The app lets you record voice messages up to five minutes, which you can share with others – allowing you to spread information, opinions or whatever, and giving you the ability to listen to audio ideas recorded by others. Next up is an update to IMDb’s Android app, adding the ability for users to buy movie tickets and adjust a “Watchlist” to the huge amount of information you can search in the app. Last but not least, Android players finally get a chance to ravage the human world as a giant man-eating earthworm in Super Mega Worm, which has made the jump to the Google Play Store after years as an iOS-only game.

VoiceBo (Free)

What’s it about? Create voice clips of up to five minutes to serve as messages or to tell stories and convey information to a larger community using VoiceBo.

What’s cool? VoiceBo’s primary function is to record your own voice. The app lets you make recordings of up to five minutes, and from there it’s up to you how you use them. You can create and send voice messages if you want, or record discussions that you can share with others, conveying information, spreading opinions, and more. The app also lets you add locations, images and descriptions to your “VoiceBos.” Using VoiceBo’s social networking component, you can listen to other people’s uploaded clips and follow them, while users can find and listen to yours. The result is a community that shares ideas through voice instead of text and images.

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Who’s it for? If you’re looking for a unique way to connect with others and share things like information, try VoiceBo.

What’s it like? Try sharing videos with Keek and sending voice messages (and lots of other messages) with Tango.

IMDb Movies & TV update (Free)

What’s it about? Find all kinds of information about casts, crews, trivia and more from TV shows and movies with the official Android app version of IMDb.

What’s cool? IMDb is known on the Internet as a huge storehouse of information on film and television, and if you want to access all that info, the best way to do so is through its official app. You can search through millions of listings, rate movies you want to see or have seen, and even create a “Watchlist” of things that interest you. Plus, there’s information like TV listings in your area and charts, such as films that have won Academy Awards. IMDb’s latest update adds the ability to buy movie tickets and to filter your Watchlist for things you want to watch in specific categories.

Who’s it for? Movie and TV fans, IMDb is a great resource to have handy wherever you are, and is great for helping you find the content you’re looking for.

What’s it like? Check out Flickster and Fandango, both of which are packed with information and ticket-buying capabilities for moviegoers.

Super Mega Worm ($0.99)

What’s it about? Arcade title Super Mega Worm challenges players to wreak havoc as a giant ground-dwelling worm that eats humans, as well as animals, military vehicles, and just about anything else.

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What’s cool? Though Super Mega Worm has been available on iOS devices for a few years now, up until now, only a holiday-themed version of the game had come to Android players. That ends now, with the original Super Mega Worm now available. Players control a huge worm that burrows through the ground, and are tasked with eating as much as possible to help the worm grow larger and more powerful. Things get hectic as frightened humans start to call in tanks, planes, helicopters and soldiers to destroy you, but you have to keep eating to stay alive, and that means coming to the surface and destroying stuff. You’ll also earn new abilities for your worm over time. Super Mega Worm packs two gameplay modes and 24 levels for players to massacre their way through, but its pixelated graphics make the worm-related violence goofy and fun.

Who’s it for? Fans of the film Tremors and of fun, off-beat arcade titles shouldn’t miss Super Mega Worm.

What’s it like? The Christmas-themed Super Mega Worm vs. Santa 2 is also a fun take on the gameplay elements of Super Mega Worm.

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