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New Android apps worth downloading: Vine, Jane Wilde, Final Fantasy IV

Jun 3, 2013

Twitter has finally released a version of its iOS app Vine for Android users, and it kicks off today’s list of apps worth downloading. The social video app takes the twitter approach to recording movies, keeping them to a six-second, looping recording. Following Vine is Jane Wilde, a side-scrolling arcade shooter with tons of guns and crazy enemies, and Final Fantasy IV, a role-playing game appearing on Android all the way back from 1991, but with optimizations and features that modernize it.

Vine (Free)

What’s it about? Twitter’s short video-sharing app is now available on Android, making the jump from iOS.

What’s cool? Vine is the Twitter version of shooting video. It allows users to shoot short videos – only six seconds in length – and create loops out of them that can be easily shared on social networks. The app also allows users to watch other Vine videos and to leave comments on them, or to share them directly to Twitter. Vine has been available on Apple’s iOS platform for a while now, and users have produced some pretty creative stuff – now Android owners have a chance to get in on Vine’s short-and-sweet video-sharing.

Who’s it for? Twitter fans, Vine gives you a new means of sharing video, so get to it.

What’s it like? You can share more videos with SocialCam, and you might want to check out Twitter, which integrates Vine videos straight into its timeline feeds.


Jane Wilde (Free)

What’s it about? Side-scrolling shooter Jane Wilde has the titular cow-girl shooting her way through tons of enemies.

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What’s cool? Jane Wilde keeps things simple – players have to wade through 40 or so side-scrolling levels, blasting away with six guns and punting enemies out of the way. Those two mechanics keep things easy to manage, and yet there are tons of varying kinds of enemies to battle along the way, ranging from undead outlaws to mountain men and more. You’ll also unlock and upgrade a ton of different weapons, allowing for variable combat styles and different means of taking down the hordes of baddies.

Who’s it for? Shooter fans, Jane Wilde offers a lot of arcade-style action.

What’s it like? Wild Blood is another action-heavy Western-ish title, and Punch Quest will scratch your side-scrolling face-smashing itch.

Final Fantasy IV ($15.99)

What’s it about? The lastest re-release in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series takes players on an adventure remastered from way back in 1991.

What’s cool? Time for another adventure into the worlds of Final Fantasy with Square Enix’s latest re-release, Final Fantasy IV. In the history of Final Fantasy, IV is a notable edition because it was the first game to include the “active time battle” system that makes the game’s menu-based battles require more strategic, quick thinking. Like other Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy IV is a lengthy role-playing experience, and this version includes a number of improvements over the original, including voice-over acting in key cutscenes.

Who’s it for? Fans of Final Fantasy games, as well as RPGs in general, should take notice of Final Fantasy IV.

What’s it like? You should also check out Square’s Chaos Rings and Final Fantasy III.

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