New Android apps worth downloading: Uninstall Master (Uninstaller), avast! Mobile Backup, Re-Mission 2: NanoBot's Revenge | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Uninstall Master (Uninstaller), avast! Mobile Backup, Re-Mission 2: NanoBot’s Revenge

Aug 22, 2013

Take care of your Android device with a great pair of apps leading today’s Apps Worth Downloading column. Up first is Uninstall Master, which can help you clear apps you don’t want, including the kinds of apps that come on your device when you buy it. Next is avast! Mobile Backup, an app for saving your data to cloud servers in case the worst happens to your device. Finally, we’ve got Re-Mission 2: NanoBot’s Revenge, an arcade title in which players take on cancer cells with lots of different cancer-blasting abilities.

Uninstall Master (Uninstaller) (Free)

What’s it about? Get rid of third party, pre-installed apps and anything else you don’t want installed on your Android device, using Uninstall Master.

What’s cool? Lots of Android devices come with all kinds of pre-installed applications, programs and other software that you might not necessarily want or use. Some of it can be pretty hard to get off your device’s hard drive, though. Uninstall Master helps by stripping out the apps you don’t want from your hard drive, whether they be the apps you install from the Google Play store or anywhere else, or the apps that came on your device when you bought it. The app also includes capabilities like a batch uninstall, which lets you clear multiple apps at once, and the ability to freeze and unfreeze apps. You can even use Bluetooth capabilities to share the app’s capabilities across other devices.

Who’s it for? Anyone who might want to clear out space on their devices should check out Uninstall Master.

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What’s it like? You might also get some use out of SystemApp Remover or Easy Uninstaller.

avast! Mobile Backup (Free)

What’s it about? Keep all your important data safe in case something happens to your Android device with the help of avast! Mobile Backup.

What’s cool? Your phone or tablet includes whole bunch of information that’s effectively irreplaceable, from contacts to emails to SMS and call logs to photos. If anything happens to your device, you can effectively lose all that data forever – unless you back it up somewhere safe. Avast! Mobile Backup looks to help with that issue by saving the data from your devices to cloud-based servers, so you’ll be able to access that data from other devices and save it there, instead. The app provides free backup for data like contacts lists and SMS logs, and you can back up other things like video and photos if you grab the app’s premium version.

Who’s it for? If you worry about saving your device’s data against potential calamity, grab avast! Mobile Backup.

What’s it like? You can also get backup services from Super Backup: SMS & Contacts and My Backup Pro.

Re-Mission 2: NanoBot’s Revenge (Free)

What’s it about? Battle cancer cells within the human body as a microscopic robot in Re-Mission 2: NanoBot’s Revenge.

What’s cool? On its face, Re-Mission 2: NanoBot’s Revenge is a casual shooter with a unique setting and premise. It tasks players with destroying cancer cells within a body, while they play as a microscopic nanobot who can utilize weapons like radiation, chemo and targeted drugs to destroy cancer cells. But the game itself is something more, as it aims to help kids with cancer get a leg up on their treatments by helping generate positive emotions about their fights with the disease, which, in turn, can alter how effective their real-life treatment can be. Players guide their nanobot around the screen and blast away at cancer cells below, and can use various different abilities to fight off as many cells as possible to score points. The game includes 12 levels to play through and 15 different attacks players can use and upgrade over the course of the game.

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Who’s it for? Re-Mission 2 is an arcade game that’s great for anyone, but also might particularly be useful to cancer patients.

What’s it like? Check out other fun arcade titles, such as Angry Birds and Doodle Jump.

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