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New Android apps worth downloading: Uber update, God of Blades, 94 Seconds

Mar 8, 2013

If you’re expecting to need a ride this week, you might want to check out Uber, today’s leading app worth downloading. It makes ordering a private car easy, and has been totally redesigned in its latest update. While you’re riding, you can play a couple of quality games, as well: God of Blades, a side-scrolling role-playing action game, and 94 Seconds, a word puzzle trivia title.

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Uber update (Free)

What’s it about? Need a pickup? Uber is your app. You can request a car and driver to come get you wherever you are, and take you wherever you need to go.

What’s cool? Like a taxi service, but better, Uber lets you request a private car to just about any location, so long as the city you’re in supports the service. You set up Uber with a credit card, and the app takes care of the rest, even charging your ride when it’s over so you don’t even have to worry about tipping. Uber’s cars come straight to you. You’ll get an update as to how long you’ll have to wait from the app, too. Uber’s latest update introduces a full redesign that updates everything from the user interface to the app’s receipts.

Who’s it for? If you need a private car to pick you up, Uber has you covered.

What’s it like? Taxi Magic and Ride Wizard are more apps for hooking you up with a ride when you need one.

God of Blades ($0.99)

What’s it about? Map Side-scroller God of Blades has players hacking and slashing their way through enemies with a number of powerful weapons.

What’s cool? God of Blades is fantasy title with a sci-fi bent. It sends players into a spectacular world where a group of evil cultists need to be destroyed. Gameplay has players running along 2-D levels and engaging in lots of battles. As you move through the extensive, story-driven campaign, you’ll collect a bunch of different weapons that let you vary your play style and abilities. Bad guys in God of Blades are procedurally generated to keep the fights varied, and every battle lets you take advantage of physics to dispatch the bad guys in myriad ways. God of Blades also features several additional game modes, including an endless mode that lets you focus on combat.

Who’s it for? If hacking, slashing, fantasy and role-playing games are your things, you’ll want to check out God of Blades.

What’s it like? Get more great RPG action from Aralon: Sword & Shadow and Pocket RPG.

94 Seconds (Free)

What’s it about? 94 Seconds is a trivia game with a simple premise: you have 94 seconds to use some simple clues to name as many words that match the clues as possible

What’s cool? Simple premises often make for great games, and in the case of 94 Seconds, straightforwardness helps to make for a challenging experience. Your job: Fill in as many words as you can from given categories that start with a single letter. For example, name fruits starting with “k”. Each set of clues requires only a single word for you to name, and once you hit it, the game moves on to the next category and letter. The idea is to move through as many categories as you can in ninety four seconds, and if you’re stumped you can skip to the next clue, but you’ll lose three seconds off the clock. You’re scored by how smart your answers are, with common words in the category going for one point and more rare ones earning you two points. Facebook connectivity means you can see how you rank against friends in 94 Seconds, and challenge them to beat your scores.

Who’s it for? Fans of word puzzles and trivia will enjoy 94 Seconds.

What’s it like? Try Photo Quiz and Who Becomes Rich? for more great trivia fun.

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