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New Android apps worth downloading: Twitter update, Snapseed, Vector

Feb 8, 2013

Twitter’s Android app update adds the service’s “Discover” tab and new ways to follow people via your feed. We’ve also got Snapseed, a powerful photo-editing app, and Vector, a pretty, Parkour-inspired running title with loads of levels.

Twitter update (Free)

What’s it about? The official app of the micro-blogging social network site Twitter has seen even more improvements to its Android version, adding its “Discover” feature.

What’s cool? Twitter already is one of the best apps for using, well, Twitter. The app provides most of the full web experience, allowing you to interact via timelines, mentions, lists and direct messages. It’s not the fanciest Twitter client, but it’s highly serviceable. Adding the “Discover” feature and the “Connect” tab displays more information, including: new followers, retweets, and mentions.

Who’s it for? If you use Twitter at all and you want the official app, Twitter is among the best for posting statuses and checking a single account.

What’s it like? For a Twitter app that’s a little more robust, try Falcon Pro or TweetDeck.

Snapseed (Free)

What’s it about? Quick and easy photo edits are possible with Snapseed, an Android app that for enhancing or adjusting your images with filters and effects.

What’s cool? Ease of use is among Snapseed’s greatest features. Navigating through and editing images is a breeze, as the app includes a single-tap Auto Correct for fixing photos. You can also fine-tune your photos and selectively adjust certain areas or tones. Apart from editing, cropping, toning and more, you also get a number of “creative enhancements” such as filters and colors schemes to give them an artsy feel. When you’re done, you can save images as JPGs or TIFFs, and share them through integrated Google+ support, email and other social networks.

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Who’s it for? Snapseed can help both serious and casual mobile device photographers seriously improve their images.

What’s it like? PicsArt and PicShop also offer powerful photo-editing capabilities on your mobile devices.

Vector (Free)

What’s it about? Side-scrolling running game Vector has players doing more than 100 Parkour-inspired moves to earn points and escape an oppressive society.

What’s cool? Though it’s a side-scroller and uses a silhouette art style, Vector is impressive in its animations and the variety of executable moves. The game has you “free-running” through office buildings and over rooftops, dodging obstacles, and trying to stay ahead of your pursuers. The moves earn points, and the goal is to speedily move through each of the game’s 30-plus levels for the maximum score. The control scheme makes the moves easy to pull off, so it’s a game you won’t have too much trouble with at the start.

Who’s it for? For fans of Parkour and running titles, Vector has all the right moves.

What’s it like? You’ll also want to give Canabalt HD and Doodle Runner a try, both of which are similar to Vector.

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