New Android apps worth downloading: Tumblr update, WeVideo, Blendoku | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Tumblr update, WeVideo, Blendoku

Apr 10, 2013

Today’s new Android apps worth your attention start with Tumblr. With the updated app bloggers can set up posts or read the works of others’ from wherever they are. Following that is WeVideo – Video Editor, an app for capturing smooth video on your Android device. Finally, there’s Blendoku, a game about arranging colors in the correct order as they blend from one to another.

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Tumblr update (Free)

What’s it about? Tap into Tumblr to read blogs from around the Internet or update your own with the blogging site’s Android app.

What’s cool? The Tumblr app just went through a full new redesign to make it slicker and easier to use, and squashes a lot of bugs along with making the entire app look and feel better. Its simple approach to blogging and sharing made it a hit on the web, and that manageability is evident in the Android app. It allows you to update your Tumblr with text, video and images, or to re-blog posts by other Tumblr users. It also has the capability of directing you to interesting Tumblr accounts, so you can read what other people find fascinating and popular.

Who’s it for? Tumblr users, there’s no reason for you not to have the Android app to take your blogging with you.

What’s it like? WordPress also offers a mobile version of its blogging tools, as does Blogger.

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WeVideo – Video Editor (Free)

What’s it about? WeVideo makes capturing and sharing videos easy, but more than that, you can make the videos you record with your Android device more dynamic and interesting by adding things such as music and effects.

What’s cool? Lots of apps let you record video and zip it off to be shared on social media and through other outlets, but WeVideo lets you go a step further and actually work to make your videos something more than just a bit of footage you recorded. The app lets you edit recordings by cutting them together and add music or photos to expand them, and you can also arrange and stylize them as you’re editing as well. When you’re done, videos can be exported through the app to places such as Facebook, or saved in your device’s photo roll.

Who’s it for? Anyone who likes shooting video with their Android devices, but wishes those videos were a little bit more interesting and controllable, should check out WeVideo.

What’s it like? More video editing can be found with the help of Movie Studio and Movie Editor.

Blendoku (Free)

What’s it about? Challenge your color-matching talents with Blendoku, an art school-inspired game that asks you to put colors in order as they blend from one to another.

What’s cool? You probably remember tests of color-identifying aptitude from school, in which you might have needed to put colors in order as they blended from, say, red to green or black to white. Blendoku is a game based on the exact same principle, in which you arrange various scrambled color swatches in the correct order, as quickly as you can. The game starts to get fun as it grows more complex, asking you to blend colors in more and more directions, and to make inferences about the positions of colors that aren’t necessarily being blended, but still contain similar properties to the rest of the scale, like darkness or lightness. Easy to play but with an increasing challenge, Blendoku is a simple and yet compelling way to burn through some spare time.

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Who’s it for? Art school students might have particular aptitude for Blendoku, but just about anyone who doesn’t have trouble identifying colors will have a good time.

What’s it like? Try Shift It and Color Link for a couple of games with some similar ideas at play.

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