New Android apps worth downloading: TripIt Travel Oragnizer and Pandora Internet Radio updates, Rising Empires Beta | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: TripIt Travel Oragnizer and Pandora Internet Radio updates, Rising Empires Beta

Aug 26, 2013

Get ready for your next trip with the help of TripIt Travel Organizer. Our leading fresh app today brings users the ability to create trip itineraries, plan their adventures while traveling, and check out information like maps and weather. Up next is an update to Pandora Internet Radio, the online music-streaming service, which has added support for Nissan cars and a sleep timer. Finally, there’s Rising Empires Beta, a 4X strategy title that requires players to use more than just their military might to succeed.

TripIt Travel Organizer update (Free)

What’s it about? Create and track your travel itinerary with TripIt Travel Organizer, which allows you to import information and gather all your travel information into one place.

What’s cool? TripIt Travel Organizer is a quick way to make travel itineraries and keep track of important information for your vacation. The app lets you forward all the booking information you get from elsewhere – like rental car, hotel and flight info – and automatically catalogues it into an itinerary that’s ready to go. You can also use TripIt as a reference guide when you travel, making it easy to get things like maps and weather information to help you plan and get around. The latest update to the app brings some bug fixes and other improvements, and if you subscribe to the “Pro” version of TripIt, you can utilize its “seat tracker” function to automatically get updates when a better seat becomes available on your flight.

Who’s it for? Anyone doing some traveling who could use help keeping their info organized should try TripIt Travel Organizer.

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What’s it like? You can also get handy travel help with TripAdvisor and Kayak.

Pandora Internet Radio update (Free)

What’s it about? Pandora allows users to stream music and create their own personalized Internet radio stations, based on songs, genres and artists they like.

What’s cool? One of the best features about Pandora is its ability to introduce users to new music. The app lets you stream music and create radio stations based on what you like – if you tell the app you like electronica, for example, Pandora will create a streaming playlist of electronica music and based on what you tell it you like. The app responds to which songs you tell it you like or don’t to create a better playlist, and you can create multiple stations to allow you to listen to music based on a single artist, related to a certain song, and more. Pandora’s new update adds a sleep timer to the app’s controls, as well as new features that allow users to connect the app with Nissan cars.

Who’s it for? If you like music, Pandora is a great way to stream music you’ll like and find new artists.

What’s it like? You can do more music streaming with Spotify and Rdio.

Rising Empires Beta (Free)

What’s it about? Rising Empires is what’s known as a “4X” strategy game, in which players compete not only as military powers, but also in creating nations, building economies, and more.

What’s cool? You’re not just building an army in Rising Empires – you’re building an entire civilization, and competing with five other civilizations in hopes of controlling all the land in the game’s two realms. To do that, you’ll need a mix of strategies: military might plays a role and you’ll need to defend yourself from attacking nations, but you’ll also employ diplomacy, and work to make sure your nation is strong and advancing through technologies in order to stay competitive. Rising Empires is a 4X strategy game (the “x’s” in this case refer to “explore, expand, exploit and exterminate”) and is still in beta, so that means that it’s in development and being tested, but you can still get a feel for the game and participate in giving the developers feedback right now.

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Who’s it for? Strategy game fans who like, lengthy, involved turn-based games should check out Rising Empires.

What’s it like? You might also enjoy MiniCiv Alpha and Strategy & Tactics.

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