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New Android apps worth downloading: Thread, SO.HO, City Conquest

Mar 6, 2013

We’ve got a couple of social networking helpers leading today’s apps worth downloading selections. First is Thread, a caller ID app that pulls in email, Twitter, Facebook and more, to be your primary communications hub and to provide you with context for every call you make with others. SO.HO is up next, bringing your social media feeds from Facebook and Twitter straight to your home screen. Finally, there’s City Conquest, a hybrid strategy and tower defense game with online multiplayer.

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Thread (Free)

What’s it about? Billing itself as a “cheat sheet” for calls, Thread provides you with additional context when people calling you, acting as a sort of Caller ID that includes emails, tweets and Facebook posts.

What’s cool? Ever get a call from someone and struggle to remember who they are when you’re on the phone with them? Caller ID can’t always solve that problem, especially when you do a lot of talking with people you don’t know well. Thread gathers up more information about the person you’re talking to than just their phone number, dragging in info like the last email conversation you had with the person, their most recent tweets and Facebook posts, and more, in order to give you more context for the conversation you’re about to have. It also acts as a base for all your communications with people, so you don’t have to hunt down through social networks, emails, calls and texts to respond.

Who’s it for? If you could use a little help streamlining your communications, try Thread.

What’s it like? Try Current Caller ID and Real Caller ID for more details about people with whom you’re talking.

SO.HO (Free)

What’s it about? SO.HO Is part home screen app, part launcher, geared specifically toward social media and bringing your feeds straight to your home screen.

What’s cool? Rather than digging through a number of apps and feeds to connect with friends and family through social media, SO.HO pulls feeds like Facebook and Twitter straight to your Android device’s home screen. From there, you can see the latest interactions people have had with you online, and you can also send status updates and responses without ever having to leave your home screen if you don’t want to. If you do, SO.HO acts as a fast launcher to get you straight to your social networks without having to search through your apps in the meantime. Keep in mind that the app is in beta, which means its developers are still working out bugs and finalizing features.

Who’s it for? Social media junkies, SO.HO is definitely for you.

What’s it like? You can get more social media connectivity with The Social Widget and Droid2Wall.

City Conquest (Free)

What’s it about? City Conquest is a strategy title that combines elements of real-time strategy and tower defense to exercise your tactical brain.

What’s cool? You’ll get a deep strategic experience out of City Conquest because it melds a number of different elements from the various strategy genres to create something new. You’ll need to build cities and bases to fund your war effort and create towers that will keep enemies at bay, then go on the offensive by building various units and sending them to attack your opponents. City Conquest includes 20 single-player missions that include just offense, just defense and a mix of the two, and online multiplayer that lets you challenge others.

Who’s it for? Strategy and tower defense fans should give City Conquest a look.

What’s it like? You might also enjoy Anomaly: Warzone Earth and Epic Defense – The Elements.

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