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New Android apps worth downloading: Swoon, Trial of the Clone, Sporos update

Apr 22, 2013

Looking to meet someone new near you? Try Swoon, the social networking app that lets you anonymously check out the profiles of people near you, and if you like them, you can escalate things to messaging and maybe, eventually, meeting in person. We’ve also got Trial of the Clone, a “gamebook” app that lets you choose your own adventure as you read it, and an update to logic puzzler Sporos, which tasks you with taking over cells through careful puzzle-solving.

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Swoon (Free)

What’s it about? Social network Swoon helps you find interesting people around you, and maybe even connect with them, if you choose.

What’s cool? Swoon’s goal is to help you find people you’d like to meet – or maybe a significant other – among the cool people who live around you that you don’t even know. In order to make meeting them easier, Swoon lets you page through profiles anonymously, “liking” the ones that appeal to you to save them for later. If you find someone you’d like to meet, you can use Swoon to exchange messages while remaining anonymous until you’re ready to take the next step.

Who’s it for? Anyone interested in meeting people near them that they might connect with should check out Swoon.

What’s it like? Try OKCupid Dating and DH Dating for more help with meeting people.

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Trial of the Clone (Free)

What’s it about? Discover the story of a clone born to a group of monks in Trial of the Clone, a sort of “choose your own adventure” book that’s also something of a game.

What’s cool? Trial of the Clone is a member of the “gamebook” genre of apps, which bridges visual novels with “choose your own adventure” stories, putting the reader in the role of the protagonist and asking you to make decisions about what to do throughout the story. Trial of the Clone is a humorous sci-fi adventure that riffs on some of the ideas and tropes of Star Wars, and is a lot like playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons by yourself. The game even keeps track of your character stats and other important info along the way.

Who’s it for? Fans of sci-fi stories and role-playing games should try Trial of the Clone.

What’s it like? Try one of Tin Man Games other gamebooks, Blood of the Zombies, or The Forging of a Legend.

Sporos update (Free)

What’s it about? Puzzle game Sporos has players carefully interacting with a group of cells on the screen, with the goal of using the right interactions to “activate” each one.

What’s cool? Each level of Sporos presents players with a grid made up of different cells, and a group of other cells the player can place on the grid. Each of the cells that can be placed includes lines that will light up other adjacent cells in a certain direction, so the idea is to put each cell in the right place to take over each of the other cells on the grid. Sporos includes some 300 free levels that will challenge your logical brain and reasoning skills, and its latest update includes more levels and SD card support.

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Who’s it for? Puzzle fans who like the slow approach to solving them will like Sporos.

What’s it like? Check out Puzzle Prism and Super Sudoku for a pair of games that have similar logical underpinnings.

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