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New Android apps worth downloading: Swiftkey Keyboard update, Kairo, Totem Runner

Sep 5, 2013

Today’s Apps Worth Downloading column starts with Swiftkey Keyboard, a gesture-based keyboard app that just got a new update to make it even smarter. We’ve also got Kairo, a first-person exploration game in which players explore ancient ruins and try to solve their mysteries, and Totem Runner, an endless running title in which you can transform into different animals to defeat enemies and dodge obstacles.

Swiftkey Keyboard update ($3.99)

What’s it about? Use swipes and gestures to quickly and accurately type on your Android devices with Swiftkey Keyboard.

What’s cool? Swiftkey provides users with an alternative means of typing on their Android devices. The app lets you use gestures to type rather than tapping keys, instead letting you drag your thumb quickly across various keys and interpreting the motions to let you input words much more quickly. Swiftkey also is smart enough to interpret what you’re trying to type, guessing at the next word you need before you even start it so that you can quickly construct messages. The latest update to the app also adds cloud support, allowing users to back up their settings and pick up trending phrases. It also adds better learning software for interpreting what you’re writing as you’re writing it.

Who’s it for? Anyone who’s looking for a potentially better way of typing should check out Swiftkey Keyboard.

What’s it like? If you’re looking for other alternative keyboard, check out Swype Keyboard and Touch-Writer Gesture Keyboard.

Kairo ($4.91)

What’s it about? Kairo tasks players with exploring strange ruins in a first-person game that’s all about atmosphere and mystery.

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What’s cool? Huge ruins populate the world of Kairo, a first-person title in which players are tasked with exploring vast areas and discovering their purpose. The game carries a whole lot of atmosphere and simple but interesting 3-D graphics, and also tasks players with solving puzzles to progress through the ruins and solve the mystery behind them. Kairo isn’t a game that’s full of action and bad guys, but more about exploration and discovery.

Who’s it for? Players who like their games to be more about exploring a world than fighting things within it should try Kairo.

What’s it like? Another great game that’s full of mystery is Dark Meadow: The Pact.

Totem Runner (Free)

What’s it about? Endless runner Totem Runner gives players the ability to transform into animals to battle enemies and avoid obstacles.

What’s cool? The world is in peril in Totem Runner, and only you can restore it. As a magical warrior, your goal is to run as far as you can while vanquishing darkness and enemies along the way. To do that, you can use the warrior’s magical abilities to transform into other creatures, like a rhino to charge enemies, an eagle to avoid obstacles, and a dragon to ravage those who stand in your way. Totem Runner carries some great silhouette graphics, and also challenges players complete in-game challenges along the way.

Who’s it for? Players who enjoy endless runner titles will find an interesting take on the material in Totem Runner.

What’s it like? Check out Polara and Into the Dead for a pair of other running titles with similar mechanics and graphical styles.

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