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New Android apps worth downloading: SpiritClips, Digisocial, Fireball SE

Jul 17, 2013


If you’re a fan of uplifting and family friendly films, you’ll want to check out today’s first App Worth Downloading, SpiritClips. The app from Hallmark specializes in short films and movies that are focused on positive messages. Following it is Digisocial, a social networking app for sharing photos, voice and more, which includes photo filters and lets you add voice recordings to go with your shared images. Finally, Fireball SE challenges players to avoid swarms of enemies for as long as possible, then lead them into a bomb to take out huge numbers all at once.

SpiritClips (Free)

What’s it about? Stream family friendly and inspirational movies from Hallmark’s SpiritClips app, which specializes in movies that are good for all ages.

What’s cool? With all the streaming video apps now available in the Google Play Store, a new problem of cutting through the clutter and finding the kind of films you want to watch has cropped up. SpiritClips takes an approach of providing just a certain kind of content – namely, uplifting, family friendly stuff. The “clips” part refers to the many short films that populate the app, which fall into a number of categories, including documentary, animation and live-action. You’ll need a premium account to access all the clips, but there are a number of films that can be viewed for free, and there are feature-length movies on offer as well.

Who’s it for? If you like Hallmark Channel programming or are looking for movies that are a bit more family oriented, check out SpiritClips.

What’s it like? Stream more great movies of all sorts and genres with Crackle and Popcornflix.

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Digisocial (Free)

What’s it about? Send and share videos, text, and photos with social app Digisocial, which has garnered some big popularity on iOS and has just jumped to Android.

What’s cool? Digisocial is, as the app’s name suggests, all about making your social life and your digital capabilities merge easily. Primarily, the app is about sharing moments: you can upload photos and add voice recordings to them to make them deeper and more informative. Digisocial makes meeting new people and making friends easy as well, as you can browse through public photos, find the most popular ones, leave comments and connect with other users, as well, and Digisocial also provides handy features like photo filters for the things you want to share.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of social networking and sharing photos, but wish you could do more than just slap a caption on them, try Digisocial.

What’s it like? Do more photo sharing and get more social interaction with Instagram and Path.

Fireball SE ($1.99)

What’s it about? Dodge huge swarms of enemies and lead them to their destruction in Fireball SE, an arcade survival game where your goal is to stay alive as long as possible, and take as many enemies down with you as you can.

What’s cool? There are quite a few top-down twin-stick shooter-style games in the Google Play Store, and at first glance, Fireball SE appears to be one of them. Players control the titular fireball, guiding it around the screen as a horde of enemies swarm behind it, trying to destroy it. But where other games would give you the ability to shoot back at the roiling swarm, Fireball requires players to lure enemies into explosions that can take out huge numbers all at once – but at the risk of getting caught and overwhelmed in the meantime. Fireball SE includes three game modes, and provides players the ability to slow down the action for harrowing escapes when things get bad.

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Who’s it for? Fans of arcade titles, check out Fireball SE’s take on a well-worn favorite formula.

What’s it like? If you want something a little more conventional, grab Fireball developer Radiangames’ Ballistic SE.

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