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New Android apps worth downloading: SnipSnap Coupon App, JellyCar 3, Alien Hive

Mar 22, 2013

Save yourself some money with today’s first fresh app, SnipSnap Coupon App. It allows you to keep your coupons organized by digitizing the ones you would normally clip from print ads, using your Android device’s camera. While you’re in line at the store, we’ve got some games to keep you busy — JellyCar 3, a side-scrolling racer-slash-platformer from Disney, and Alien Hive, a match-3 game that requires some strategic thinking.

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SnipSnap Coupon App (Free)

What’s it about? Never clip another coupon again with SnipSnap Coupon App, which allows you to use your Android device’s camera to digitize any print coupon you find.

What’s cool? Cutting out or printing coupons and managing them can be a pain, which is why you should check out SnipSnap. The app uses your device’s camera to scan and convert any coupon you find into a mobile version, allowing you to then scan the bar code and other information straight off the device’s screen instead of having the print coupon. SnipSnap allows you to bundle coupons together into categories to keep them organized, and also gives you notifications when a coupon is set to expire or when you walk into a store for which you have a saved offer. You can also share the best deals you find and follow the coupon exploits of others through Facebook and Twitter.

Who’s it for? Frugal folks who use a lot of coupons should try SnipSnap to keep them organized and easier to deal with.

What’s it like? SavingStar Grocery eCoupons and The Coupons App can both help you find more great deals and save money.

JellyCar 3 ($0.99)

What’s it about? Part side-scrolling platformer, part driving title, JellyCar 3 puts players in control of a squishy, bouncy car and tasks them with navigating through a strange world depicted in child-like drawings.

What’s cool? JellyCar 3 manages to be both challenging and easygoing, controlled by tilting your device and tasking you with using your car’s jelly-like characteristics to get past obstacles. You’ll need to figure out the physics of your car to best navigate the title’s 50 levels, and each level has a secret exit you can find to squeeze out additional challenge. You’re scored by how fast you complete each level, and you can save replays to re-watch your fastest times or take on “ghost mode” to race against friends or opponents and try to get the best times on each level.

Who’s it for? If you like physics puzzlers and platformers with a little bit of racing mixed in, check out JellyCar 3.

What’s it like? Get more of a mix of racing and platforming in Trials Extreme 3.

Alien Hive (Free)

What’s it about? Match-3 title Alien Hive adds a degree of strategy to its matching, puzzle gameplay, requiring players to continually make matches that create better items in the hive and raise its value.

What’s cool? Most match-3 games take an arcade approach to the content, driving players to keep going in order to raise their high scores or progress through new, more challenging levels. In Alien Hive, the goal is different — every time you make a match of certain items from the grid that is your hive, you create something new. Putting together alien eggs creates an alien embryo; putting together three embryos makes a baby alien. Your goal is to continue to upgrade aliens, plants and other objects from your hive in order to evolve new adult aliens, earn money for power-ups, and make your hive stronger and more valuable. You’ll have to contend with Alien Hive’s energy system, though, which challenges you by limiting your moves around the grid and requring you to refill it by grabbing combos with energy crystals and other items.

Who’s it for? Fans of match-3 games that are a little more involved and strategic than the usual fare will enjoy Alien Hive.

What’s it like? There are some similar mechanics at play in Triple Town and Puzzle Quest 2.

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