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New Android apps worth downloading: Slacker Radio update, Tapestry, Zombie Minesweeper

Feb 18, 2013

Today’s fresh apps start with an impressive user interface update to Slacker Radio, a service that predominantly streams music and talk radio. We’ve also got Tapestry, an app that delivers free short stories straight to your device, and Zombie Minesweeper, a fresh (though undead) take on the classic numbers-based puzzle game.

Slacker Radio update (Free)

What’s it about? Stream all kinds of music to your mobile devices with Slacker Radio, which was re-released with an ample redesign.

What’s cool? There are other streaming music apps out there, but Slacker Radio is designed to give users more than just a big library of songs. It includes a huge amount of music, as well as curated song lists and even radio channels such as ABC and ESPN. In addition to the 200 or so curated lists, you can create stations of your own that combine music and talk radio. The new interface adds some much needed polish.

Who’s it for? If you’re already a user of Slacker Radio or you’re looking for a new streaming music service, tune in to their app.

What’s it like? For some Slacker alternatives, try Spotify and Pandora.

Tapestry (Free)

What’s it about? Tapestry is a free short story reading app that provides regular new short stories from various authors, including Robin Sloan.

What’s cool? User interface and ease of reading is what makes Tapestry cool, plus it provides short stories free of charge. The app focuses on making the presentation of those stories simple and beautiful, maximizing the touchscreen to make moving through short stories easy. You can also share stories with others through social networks and email. Tapestry also supports offline reading, so you won’t be shackled to your Internet connection.

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Who’s it for? Short story fans and readers will find lots to like about Tapestry.

What’s it like? Both Short Stories: Feeling Written and Short Stories also contain a lot of free fiction.

Zombie Minesweeper ($0.99)

What’s it about? Remember Minesweeper? The puzzle game had players clearing a grid of squares and searching for mines by using numbers as clues. Zombie Minesweeper starts with that formula and adds the element of setting landmines to explode hungry animal zombies.

What’s cool? Just as in the original Minesweeper, you need to pick your way across the game’s levels by carefully determining where mines are located around you. The twist? At the same time, you have to escape zombies closing in on you from around the level. On the plus side, you’ll find various weapons, including bombs, and traps you can use against the zombies to buy yourself more time as you figure out how to get where you’re going, and you can lure zombies into mines you’ve discovered.

Who’s it for? Minesweeper fans, zombie fanatics, and anybody who likes a good action-puzzler should download Zombie Minesweeper.

What’s it like? For more takes on Minesweeper, give Minesweeper Classic a shot, as well as MineCraft Sweeper.

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