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New Android apps worth downloading: SendHub, The Traveler, Rayman Jungle Run update

Apr 16, 2013

Today’s apps worth downloading start with SendHub, an app that provides a free phone number over your Internet connection, which is great for business professionals. The Traveler is up next, which helps in documenting travels through GPS, photos, video, audio and even drawings. Finally, the popular platformer Rayman Jungle Run has just received an update that adds 20 new levels.

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SendHub (Free)

What’s it about? SendHub sets you up with a free phone line for your business, and gives you the option to set it in any area code you want.

What’s cool? Firing up SendHub gives you the ability to send and receive calls and text messages through the app, providing you a voice-over-Internet alternative to your phone. You can request a number in whatever area code you want, so it’s great to create a phone number when you need one for your business (like if you’re a freelancer, for example) or to keep your personal number, you know, personal. SendHub also supports features such as voice mail and call fowarding.

Who’s it for? If you could use a spare phone number for whatever you’ve got going on, try SendHub.

What’s it like? A solid alternative is Google’s free phone line service, Google Voice.

The Traveler (Free)

What’s it about? Part digital sketchbook, part travel journal, The Traveler helps you document your trips and save your memories.

What’s cool? The Traveler is basically everything you need to capture everything you can about a given trip or excursion. The app lets you shoot photos and video, record audio, and even draw what you’re seeing, in order to help you save anything from a trip that you want. You can even track your movements with your Android device’s GPS capabilities and replay the paths later, syncing the things you record to it so you can see them in context, or watching the path played out in 3-D through Google Earth.

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Who’s it for? As the name suggests, travelers are going to get the most out of this one.

What’s it like? Try getting more GPS info straight from the dedicated Google Earth app, and plan vacations with the help of Gogobot.

Rayman Jungle Run update ($2.99)

What’s it about? Starring Ubisoft’s well-loved character, Rayman Jungle Run is a running title mixed with a platformer, challenging players to power through levels that include dodging hazards and helicoptering through the air.

What’s cool? Rayman Jungle Run is a running game that has players maneuvering Rayman through each level and grab as many floating points as possible. The challenge is to execute perfectly, hitting every jump and dodging every obstacle as you work through the game’s challenging levels. Packing high production values and simple touch controls, the game manages to be just tough enough to be addictive, and its latest update brings in 20 new levels for players to work through. This one was among 2012’s most popular games in Apple’s iTunes App Store, and the Android version is just as good.

Who’s it for? Fans of platformers shouldn’t miss Rayman’s mobile excursion.

What’s it like? You might also like Babel Running and Prince of Persia Classic.

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