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New Android apps worth downloading: PushBullet, Ironfell, Dungeon Quest

Jan 29, 2013

PushBullet is an app that is likely to make your smartphone or tablet feel new and amazing. The app makes it possible to push lots of things, like documents, websites and notes, from your computer to your device over a wireless connection. We’ve also got two great fantasy games: Ironfell, a mix of multiplayer action and real-time strategy, and Dungeon Quest, an action-role-playing-game of the sword and sorcery variety.

PushBullet (Free)

What’s it about? PushBullet allows you to “push” things from your computer to your phone for later access – like documents, websites, phone numbers and more.

What’s cool? Getting things from your computer to your mobile device can be surprisingly difficult, and often confusing. Looking up things in your computer’s browser like directions, for example, often requires you to also type in your destination in your phone. PushBullet eliminates those issues by making it easy to beam just about anything to your device. It’ll even go so far as to let you move documents to your Android device so you can access them on the go. The app’s new update interacts with an extension for Google Chrome that makes it easier to send websites across devices.

Who’s it for? PushBullet is useful to just about anyone who has a mobile device.

What’s it like? Google’s Chrome to Phone also makes it easy to share sites between devices, and Google Drive will let you access devices from your cloud storage.

Ironfell (Free)

What’s it about? Android game Ironfell combines real-time strategy with massively multiplayer online elements, and lets you play in a universe that stays persistent, reacting to your actions (and those of others) over time.

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What’s cool? Ironfell draws a bit from the Sid Meier’s Civilization series on PC, requiring players to gather resources, build towns and raise armies in order to take over more and more of their world. You’ll explore and expand over time, taking on other players and battling them for territory utilizing 64 different kinds of units. Developer DataSmugglers says there are also 50 more unit types currently in development to be added to the game, including time machines and dinosaurs!

Who’s it for? If strategy titles interest you and you think you might want to explore a huge world with other players, try Ironfell.

What’s it like? Both Order & Chaos Online and The Endless Black are solid massively multiplayer online games, perfect for playing with (or against) others.

Dungeon Quest (Free)

What’s it about? There are dungeons to explore, clear out, and loot in Dungeon Quest, a top-down dungeon-crawling role-playing title devloped by Shiny Box.

What’s cool? Players familiar with other action-RPG titles will get a familiar vibe from a lot of the mechanics in Dragon Quest. The title has players taking on the role of a hero who has to venture into dungeons to clear them of monsters and discover their secrets. Dungeon Quest is currently a beta release, so bear with the developers as they iron out the bugs. The game puts you in the role of its first available class, the Wizard, and lets you play through 100 randomly generated levels across five difficulty levels. You’ll have to use magic, quick reflexes and strategy to stay alive throughout, and more new content is on the way.

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Who’s it for? Action-RPG fans, Dungeon Quest is a solid entry into the genre that is bound to interest you.

What’s it like? Check out Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter 3 and Eternity Warriors for more great dungeon-exploring action.

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