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New Android apps worth downloading: Pocket and Bizzabo – Event Networking updates, TurtleStrike

Jul 26, 2013

Today’s Apps Worth Downloading list starts with two updates worth downloading. First is Pocket, the app that lets you save articles and videos you find on the Internet so you can read and view them at your leisure, which as updated with new Twitter functionality. Second is Bizzbo, which makes finding information about professional events and networking when your attending them easier – it just got a new user interface, among other handy improvements. Finally, get some gaming in this weekend with TurtleStrike, a turn-based strategy title in which you command militant turtles in battles against other players.

Pocket update (Free)

What’s it about? Save articles, videos and more you find on the Internet to be read and viewed later with Pocket.

What’s cool? Pocket is an app meant to solve the problem of finding an article, video or whatever on the Internet that you’d like to read or check out, but just don’t have the time for at that moment. Instead of leaving tons of browser tabs open, you can save articles to your Pocket account, which allows you to pick them up on your Android device later and keep reading and watching. The app lets you save links for later from lots of different places, including emails and your Twitter feed, so no matter what you find or where, you can always save it. The app also supports off-line reading as well, and streamlines out elements like images and ads for a cleaner visual experience. Pocket’s latest update kills some bugs in its YouTube viewer and adds Twitter attribution, allowing you to see where the links you save from Twitter originally came from.

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Who’s it for? If you could use help saving the articles you don’t get to during the day to check out later on your mobile device, Pocket is definitely for you.

What’s it like? You might also give Instapaper a shot, and find more headlines and cool articles with Pulse News.

Bizzabo – Event Networking update (Free)

What’s it about? Bizzabo is an app for business event organizers and attendees, allowing them to connect to one another and making it easy to find events to attend, set meetings, network and more.

What’s cool? Bizzabo is like a cheat sheet for your next professional conference or event. The app lets you sync up with your business contacts from networks such as LinkedIn, find relevant events to your industry and see who will be there. Once you have that info, you can choose to attend right along with them, and stay up to date as an attendee on all the information you need about your event. You can also set up face-to-face meetings with contacts you know will be at the conference, allowing you to grow your network. From an event organizer standpoint, Bizzabo gives users the ability to make sure attendees are kept up to speed and to meet up with those interesting and important folks in your industry. With the newest app to Bizzabo, the app’s developers have redesigned the user interface, squashed some bugs, added a new app home page, and added new search filters so it’s easier to find events near you that you’re interested in.

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Who’s it for? Business people who could use some help finding professional events to attend and with marketing when they get there should grab Bizzabo.

What’s it like? You might also find some useful networking capabilities in LinkedIn and Sonar: Friends Nearby.

TurtleStrike (Free)

What’s it about? Multiplayer turn-based strategy title TurtleStrike puts players in command of military forces consisting of turtles armed with missiles, torpedoes and more.

What’s cool? The turtles of TurtleStrike are pretty angry with each other, and they’re out for blood. Your job in the turn-based strategy title is to command them, using your forces of weaponry-equipped turtles to take down your opponents across various amphibious stages. TurtleStrike is a multiplayer title, which means it’s based around playing against other players rather than with a computer opponent, and you can compete in tournaments, check your stats against other players and even climb up the game’s ladder rankings and leaderboards. The game also eliminates waiting with its “live turn based” style, in which you and your opponent both issue orders to your forces and have them carried out at the same time.

Who’s it for? Strategy fans who want a chance to take down players from around the world should check out TurtleStrike.

What’s it like? More great strategy gameplay is available in Frozen Synapse and Strategy & Tactics: WWII.

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