New Android apps worth downloading: P90X, Skype update, Double Dragon Trilogy

Dec 17, 2013

Get in shape during your holiday vacation (or just counteract any holiday treats you mean to eat) with P90X, a companion app to the intense workout regimen and our first app worth downloading today. We’ve also got an update to video calling app Skype, which brings the ability to continue your calls while using other apps. Finally, fans of classic games will want to nab Double Dragon Trilogy, a mobile port of the arcade beat-’em-up and its two sequels.


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Phil Hornshaw

Phil Hornshaw is a freelance writer, editor and author living in Los Angeles, dividing his time between playing video games, playing video games on his cell phone, and writing about playing video games. He’s also the co-author of So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveler’s Guide to Time Travel, which attempts to mix time travel pop culture with some semblance of science, as well as tips on the appropriate means of riding dinosaurs. Check out his profile.

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