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New Android apps worth downloading: Oscars, Tapatalk HD Beta and Angry Birds Space updates

Jan 11, 2013

Last week saw the release of this year’s Academy Award nominations, so start this week with Oscars, the official app of the award show that bustles with information about the nominees. We’ve also got the tablet-focused Tapatalk HD Beta, which allows users to access multiple Internet forums from one place, and a big update to Angry Birds Space that adds 30 levels and gameplay variables.

Oscars (Free)

What’s it about? We’ve got the nominations, now get behind the scenes with the official app of the Oscars.

What’s cool? Oscars has pretty much all the information you could need about the Academy Awards and is a great companion for actually watching the award show. You can use the app to read up on all the award nominees, and the app allows you to make your own Oscar predictions and share them with your friends. On Oscar Sunday, you can follow along with the app while you watch, accessing behind the scenes information and even different camera angles and locations at the theater that aren’t seen on TV.

Who’s it for? Oscar junkies, this is the app for you leading up to the awards ceremony.

What’s it like? For more to feed your Oscars addiction, try The Oscars Trivia Challenge.

Tapatalk HD Beta update (Free)

What’s it about? Tapatalk grants forum users access to all the forums they frequent from one place, so you can stay up on all conversations that interest you without having to jump from site to site or app to app.

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What’s cool? Tapatalk HD is geared specifically for tablet users and is currently in beta testing, which means it still has some bugs that need stamping out. But that doesn’t stop it from being highly useful, combining all the forums you visit into a single location. That lets you see everything that others are saying, as well as allowing you to respond to forum threads, without having to navigate to all the places you would normally have to visit. Tapatalk’s newest updates have eliminated a few bugs and added cool features, like Push notifications and better full-screen scaling.

Who’s it for? If you want a way to make visiting a lot of forums a whole lot easier, Tapatalk is for you.

What’s it like? Try Tapatalk’s phone-sized app, as well as Forum Runner, for more forum-exploring capabilities.

Angry Birds Space update ($0.99)

What’s it about? New levels and new game elements have come to Angry Birds Space, making this great game even better.

What’s cool? Angry Birds Space is already a great game and revamped the game’s well-known arcade physics gameplay by taking it to space. The addition of things like vacuum and gravity wells really changed up how the game worked, and now developer Rovio Mobile is throwing in a few new obstacles, as well. Some planetoids now include water, which means you’ll be contending with vacuum, gravity, buoyancy and more.

Who’s it for? If you like Angry Birds or enjoy a good puzzle game challenge, Angry Birds Space is a must-have.

What’s it like? Don’t forget Angry Birds Star Wars, which does a phenomenal job of combining Star Wars elements with the Angry Birds Space formula.

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