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New Android apps worth downloading: Optia, WeVideo beta, Sela the Space Pirate

Feb 27, 2013

Get screen-sharing smartphone help with today’s leading fresh app, Optia. The app lets you share your screen with other app users, so you can chat and receive or give instructions while both of you are seeing the same thing at the same time. We’ve also got a beta version of video-editing app WeVideo, and Sela the Space Pirate, a bullet-hell shooter that harkens back to classic arcade games.

Optia (Free)

What’s it about? Optia allows users to share their screens between devices, which means you can get on-screen help from a friend or family member by sharing what you see with them, and vice versa.

What’s cool? Users familiar with screen-sharing on computers will immediately get the appeal of Optia. By downloading the app along with another person, Optia allows you to “share” your screen with the other person, which makes it great for giving instructions and getting one-on-one help with issues. Each of you can highlight portions of the screen as you’re discussing it so that the other person can see it in real time, and the app supports chat and has step-by-step instructional capabilities coming in the future, as well.

Who’s it for? If you need hep with smartphone operations, or are the kind of person off helping others, you may find Optia very useful.

What’s it like? For more remote viewing options – specifically with using your mobile device to see computer screens – try OnLive Desktop and Remote Desktop Client.

WeVideo beta (Free)

What’s it about? Web-based video service WeVideo’s latest Android app brings quick and easy video-editing capabilities to your Android phone.

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What’s cool? WeVideo turns your phone into a video camera and editing suite, allowing you to quickly go from recording videos with your smartphone to cutting them and uploading them to the web. The app supports adding clips from other videos to your final product, as well as music and images found on your device, and allows you to upload it all to social media services like Facebook and Twitter, or take advantage of WeVideo’s cloud storage. The app is currently in beta, and you can download it here.

Who’s it for? If you’re already a WeVideo web user or interested in using your smartphone for quick video production, check out the WeVideo beta app.

What’s it like? Check out VideoZone and VidTrim if you need more options for Android video editing.

Sela the Space Pirate ($1.99)

What’s it about? Sela the Space Pirate pits players against wave after wave of enemies and tons of bullets in a top-down arcade space shooter with an old-school flare.

What’s cool? If you’re familiar with the “bullet hell” genre, you’re familiar with Sela the Space Pirate’s central premise. Bullet hell refers to arcade-style games in which players have to dodge all kinds of incoming fire from waves of enemies, all while blasting away with their own weapons to keep the skies clear as they are drawn forward through each of the game’s levels. As Sela, players have to take down evil parasitic aliens across 30 levels, and will fight huge bosses and collect additional weapons and ship upgrades along the way.

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Who’s it for? Players who dig old-school arcade shooters should check out Sela the Space Pirate.

What’s it like? Both Xelorians and Ikaruga, a game ported to Android from the Sega Dreamcast, can help scratch your arcade shooter itch.

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