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New Android apps worth downloading: Office Mobile for Office 365, Dropchord, Rymdkapsel

Aug 3, 2013

If you’re an avid user of Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription service, today’s first app worth downloading will be a useful addition to your library. It’s Office Mobile, an app for tying into Microsoft’s cloud-based Office services, so you can access and create documents, share them, and more. We’ve also got a couple of quality games for your consideration. First up is Dropchord, a rhythm-based game in which players have to move a beam between their thumbs to dodge obstacles and earn points. Finally, we’ve got Rymdkapsel, a strategy title that focuses on building a powerful base and repelling attacks from invaders.

Office Mobile for Office 365 (Free)

What’s it about? Take your Microsoft Office 365 subscription service out into the world with you with Office Mobile.

What’s cool? Cloud-connected Office Mobile is pretty much a full-on version of Microsoft Office, adapted for your Android device. The app lets you connect with your Office 365 account to access recent documents and other cloud-saved files, giving you the ability to edit, read through and share your docs even when you’re not at your computer. Office Mobile lets you pick up a document wherever you stopped viewing it when you were at your computer, and includes a “presentation view” so you can see how things like PowerPoint projects will appear to others when they’re ready to go. You can also create new documents, leave comments, and share your files either through the Office 365 cloud or by email.

Who’s it for? You’ll need to be a subscriber to Office 365 to use Office Mobile, but if you are, this one makes a handy addition to your work app library.

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What’s it like? You can also get a lot of document functionality out of OfficeSuite Pro 7 and Google Drive.

Dropchord ($2.99)

What’s it about? Arcade title Dropchord has players moving a beam of light around a circular gameplay field, clearing out nodes that reward points while avoiding negative ones.

What’s cool? Dropchord isn’t quite a rhythm game, but it feels like one. With an original electronica soundtrack going in the background, players are tasked with placing two thumbs on the screen and moving a beam that is projected between them around the screen. The goal is to guide the beam over different nodes that pop up, clearing them off the screen. But you’ll also have to avoid negative nodes that will cost you score multipliers if you touch them. The game includes 10 different electronica songs and two different game modes to work through.

Who’s it for? Players who are fans of music-based titles and casual arcade games should check out Dropchord.

What’s it like? Grab rhythm titles Tap Tap Revenge 4 and Neon Rhythm Pro.

Rymdkapsel ($3.99)

What’s it about? Strategy title Rymdkapsel focuses on base building, requiring players to strategize the layout of important buildings and use their minions to defend their territory.

What’s cool? Strategy games often have players balancing building forces to attack opponents with building a base that supports the war effort. Rymdkapsel throws out the attacking portion of the strategy formula, with players instead focusing on building and expanding a powerful base. Your job is to add rooms together, each of which is shaped similarly to the blocks seen in puzzle titles like Tetris. You’ll need to fit the pieces together as efficiently as possible to power new construction and produce workers that can then continue expanding your platform and adding to your defense. Waves of enemies show up at intervals, so balancing your expansion with your ability to fight off attackers is key.

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Who’s it for? Fans of strategy games will be challenged by Rymdkapsel’s puzzle elements and its minimalist, tightly honed mechanics.

What’s it like? You might also enjoy Great Big War Game and Toy Defense 2.

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