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New Android apps worth downloading: Next Browser, ArtFlow, Minecraft – Pocket Edition update

Jun 7, 2013

Get some high-quality web browsing done this week with today’s first app worth downloading, Next Browser. It includes speedy browsing speeds and tons of cool features. Following that is ArtFlow, a tablet drawing app that packs lots of features, especially if you upgrade to the “pro” version. Finally, there’s an update to Minecraft – Pocket Edition, the survival adventure and creation game.

Next Browser (Free)

What’s it about? Next Browser prides itself on speed and ease of use, providing a web experience that’s quick, simple and highly convenient.

What’s cool? There are a lot of browser alternatives in the Google Play Store, and it can be hard for any one browser to stand apart from the others. Next Browser tries to make its mark by being easy to use and full of convenient features. It includes a speed dial function that lets user quickly pop open their favorite, most-visited sites, an easy search function that makes finding what you’re looking for easy, and even supports voice for firing up your web searches. You also get browser extensions, tabbed browsing, and the ability to sync your bookmarks, among other items.

Who’s it for? Android users in the market for a new browser get a lot of cool options and features with Next Browser.

What’s it like? Check out Opera Browser and Dolphin Browser for a couple of great browsing alternatives on Android.

ArtFlow (Free)

What’s it about? Tablet sketch and paint app ArtFlow lets you turn your Android device into a drawing pad with a number of cool features.

What’s cool? You’ve probably seen drawing apps before for your Android devices, but the thing that sets ArtFlow apart is the scope of its features, especially in the paid “pro” version. The app includes the ability to undo actions, draw and paint on multiple levels, and access to tons of different brushes and other elements to get exactly what you want out of your drawings. The free version of the app includes a fair amount of tools and capabilities, but you’ll get way more out of the paid version, including the ability to export your finished works as .PSD files.

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Who’s it for? Digital artists will find a lot of utility in ArtFlow, both in the paid and free versions.

What’s it like? Check out SketchBook Ink and Sketch n Draw Photo Pad for more drawing on your Android devices.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition update (Free)

What’s it about? Another update to Minecraft – Pocket Edition adds more features to bring the mobile version of the indie darling more into line with its PC counterpart.

What’s cool? Minecraft has appealed to millions of players because of its two-fold gameplay. It’s a game about surviving, with players searching a procedurally generated world, building houses and making tools, in order to survive the night, when deadly monsters begin to roam the world. But it’s also a game about creation, and allows players to make detailed creations and even work together with other players in both modes. Minecraft – Pocket Edition still isn’t quite as full-featured as the PC original, but continual updates keep adding more great features. The latest additions are things like buckets and other tools, new textures, bug fixes and more that make the game even more immersive.

Who’s it for? Fans of Minecraft on PC or players who want to explore a deep and interesting game world should check out Pocket Edition.

What’s it like? Try some similar (sometimes even slightly clone-like) titles, such as Block Story and DroidCraft.

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