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New Android apps worth downloading: News360 for Tablets and Google Drive updates, Wayk 4

Sep 11, 2012

Here are three great Android apps to enjoy which all update and improve on their previous versions significantly. News360 for Tablets now has a fresh, new look which make it easier and quicker than ever to navigate while maintaining its unique, personalized approach. The latest update to Google Drive adds some much-needed extra functionality, while popular alarm clock Wayk (which we’ve not previously featured) hits version 4.9 and provides a slick and clever gesture-driven way to wake you up.

News360 for Tablets update (Free)

What’s it about? One of our favorite Android tablet news apps just got a fresh redesign. If you haven’t already given News360 a look, now might be a good time.

What’s cool? The app’s interface has been completely redesigned to provide a sleeker, faster browsing experience. There’s now a single, integrated “home” feed which serves as a one-stop shop for discovering what’s important to you. However, News360 continues to learn more about you as you use, improving its feeds as you read, share and like articles.

Who is it for? News360 continues to offer a great personalized news experience, especially on tablets. It aggregates 30,000 news sources, so there should be something for everyone here. It picks up on local news too, and is very flexible when it comes to personalization. My favorite touch: when you scroll through all the news topics, the final one you can select is “zombies.”

What’s it like? There’s a version of News360 for smartphones too, but it didn’t get an update yet. Hopefully that will arrive soon. There are similar personalized news aggregators in Google Play like Zite and Trove.

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Google Drive update (Free)

What’s it about? Yesterday’s Google Drive update added a lot of additional functionality to this highly useful cloud storage app.

What’s cool? Some of the new features include the ability to create, move and update folders, filter folder contents by file type, auto-sync while using 3G, richer Google Presentations, basic table support in documents, the ability to write and reply to comments in docs, print files using Google Cloud Print, and more.

Who’s it for? Obviously, users of the current app will want to update it to take advantage of all these new features, but if you’ve never used Google Docs or Google’s cloud storage services, it’s now more flexible and feature-full than ever.

What’s it like? Other cloud storage apps like Dropbox and SkyDrive exist, as do good office solutions like Documents to Go and QuickOffice Pro, though none of these match the “all-in-one” capabilities of Google Drive.

Wayk 4 – Tomorrow’s Alarm ($3.00)

What’s it about? Your Android device already has an alarm clock I’m sure, but Wayk 4 (now at version 4.9) is far smarter.

What’s cool? The app combines alarm clock features with a personal assistant. It can sync with Google Calendar or display news feeds from popular sources. Meanwhile, you can simply wave your hand over the phone to snooze (no more hunting for tiny buttons) and it even recognizes your voice so you can tell the phone how much longer you want to sleep in.

Who’s it for? If the in-built alarm clock on your Android device is just too boring, Wayk 4 is worth a look. Its high quality, minimalist design, keeps everything sleek-looking and easy to use. What’s more, the developers promise even more features in Wayk 5.

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What’s it like? There are numerous other alarm clock apps in Google Play, but not all of them look as slick as Wayk 4. Still, Smarter Alarm can read you the news and weather every morning while doubleTwist Alarm Clock looks great and can play your favorite tunes.

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