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New Android apps worth downloading: Neatly beta, MATERIAL (BETA), Metal Slug 2

Feb 14, 2013

The beta version for Neatly, a new Twitter client that lets you filter your timeline to see only what’s most relevant to you, tops off today’s apps worth downloading. We’ve also got a beta of MATERIAL, an app that uses social networks to bring you interesting news and articles, and Metal Slug 2, a classic arcade shooter reborn on your Android device.

Neatly beta (Free)

What’s it about? A new Android Twitter client, Neatly is an extremely neat and polished take on viewing Twitter.

What’s cool? Neatly uses a very simple, easy to read user interface. Beyond that, Neatly employs a smart filter for your Twitter feed so that only stories that interest you are display. The app also lets you create several different timelines with different criteria, so you can switch between what you want to see and what you don’t at any given time. Click here to download the Neatly beta.

Who’s it for? Twitter users, you might want to give Neatly a try to see if its smart features impress.

What’s it like? More Twitter options are available from TweetDeck, and you might also try the vanilla Twitter app as well.


What’s it about? A content delivery app, MATERIAL pays attention to what you like from your social networking accounts and delivers you the kinds of news and articles you’ll want to read.

What’s cool? MATERIAL is all about finding and delivering articles that pique your interests. Rather than starting by picking a bunch of categories, MATERIAL takes a look at your Facebook and Twitter profiles to see what you like. From there, the app starts grabbing articles in similar veins that it thinks you might enjoy. The app continues to pay attention to your social interactions, and you can also expand its horizons by adding categories yourself.

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Who’s it for? MATERIAL is for users who like reading articles on the Internet but hate to hunt for them. Just note that the app is still in beta, which means not everything is working up to its final standards yet.

What’s it like? You can get a different takes on articles you want to read with Flipboard and Pulse News.

Metal Slug 2 ($3.99)

What’s it about? The second title in SNK’s well-loved NEOGEO franchise, Metal Slug 2 is all side-scrolling shooter craziness, all the time.

What’s cool? The Metal Slug franchise does side-scrolling arcade shooters really well. Players grab a gun and fight through hordes of bad guys as they run through 2-D levels, jumping on platforms and dodging all the bullets they can. With great graphics from the 16-bit era, lots of action, solid controls for touchscreen devices and support for cooperative multiplayer using a Bluetooth connection, Metal Slug 2 offers a lot. It packs an Arcade mode, which lets you play through the game normally, and a Mission mode that allows you to jump to a specific level.

Who’s it for? Fans of shooters and old NEOGEO games are going to want to pick up Metal Slug 2.

What’s it like? You can perform more tricks and get more speed in Bike Mania, and get some great racing action in Reckless Racing 2.

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