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New Android apps worth downloading: NARR8, The Weather Channel update, AWESOME Land

Feb 20, 2013

Today’s apps worth downloading starts with NARR8, a comic book app packed with standard digital and motion comics that use audio and animation to make the experience more dynamic. We also have an update to The Weather Channel app, and AWESOME Land, a platformer that invokes classics such as Super Mario Bros.

NARR8 (Free)

What’s it about? Comic reader app NARR8 focuses on motion comics in an attempt to bridge the gap between TV shows and comic books.

What’s cool? In addition to NARR8’s emphasis of motion comics, the app includes a number of episodic stories that are released for free, featuring voice and often interactivity. You can read summaries of each episode before you load one, and share what you’re checking out through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of comics but prefer a more interactive take, try NARR8.

What’s it like? For more comic-reading goodness, try Dark Horse Comics and Comixology’s Comics app.

The Weather Channel update (Free)

What’s it about? The Weather Channel provides users with tons of information about weather forecasts from all over the country.

What’s cool? You can get forecasts as soon as hourly or as late as 10 days into the future with the app, and with The Weather Channel’s latest update, you’ll be notified when the weather is changing, along with other improvements. The app draws on the knowledge of more than 200 meteorologists, providing forecast data, past radar images, popular weather videos and localized weather maps.

Who’s it for? Anyone who goes outside should download The Weather Channel app. So…everyone.

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What’s it like? Both WeatherBug and AccuWeather are solid forecasting alternatives if you need them.

AWESOME Land ($2.49)

What’s it about? If Super Mario were a biker on a bad acid trip, the result might be AWESOME Land, a platformer that invokes Nintendo’s classic game while riffing on the formula.

What’s cool? AWESOME Land features main character Manley, whose motorcycle was stolen by evil aliens, and who must venture through 25 different levels to get it back. With solid touch controls and big boss battles, AWESOME Land manages to feel fresh while invoking some of the best-known classics in video games.

Who’s it for? Fans of platformers, as well as retro titles, should get a kick out of AWESOME Land.

What’s it like? League of Evil is among the best platforming titles on any mobile platform, and Rayman Jungle Run performs extremely well.

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