New Android apps worth downloading: MyEffectivenessHabits Todo GTD, Thor: TWD – The Official Game, Crash Test Monkeys

Nov 4, 2013

Accomplish your long-term goals and get your to-do lists organized with MyEffectivenessHabits. The app brings motivation, effective goal planning and more to your to-do lists, and kicks off today’s apps worth downloading selection. In between checking off to-do list items, we’ve got a couple of games for you to play, as well: Thor: TDW, the official game of the upcoming movie and a top-down action-role-playing games, and Crash Test Monkeys, a more casual motorbike-platformer in which players try to perform as many stunts as possible.

Race Stunt Fight! Motorcycles for more games that are all about performing stunts on bikes.

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Phil Hornshaw

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