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New Android apps worth downloading: Music Maker Jam, Repix, Breach & Clear

Sep 9, 2013

Today’s apps bring us music, art, creativity, expression! And also lots of shooting and tactics. First up is the new music mixing app, Music Maker Jam, which lets you create your own original tracks. Second is Repix, a photo editor with an emphasis on expression, and lots of neat painting tools. Third is Breach & Clear, a more realistic kind of strategy war game, less Call of Duty and more XCom.

Music Maker Jam (Free)

What’s it about? Have you ever wanted to mix your own music for whatever reason, but you don’t know where to begin? Well here you go!MusicMakerJam

What’s cool? Music Maker Jam lets you mix your very own music tracks totally free! There are over a thousand instrumental sound loops to choose from, starting in four styles, being Hip-Hop, Dance, Electric Jazz, and Rock Ballad. Other styles, such as Dubstep and Metal, can be purchased in-app. Ease of use and simplicity is the name of the game, with an 8 channel mixer board and plenty of easy to access settings and tweaks, from tempo and key to adding real time sound effects. Maybe this app won’t have you topping any charts, but it’s straight up fun. Also, funky.

Who’s it for? Anyone with an interest in creating their very own music.

What’s it like? Music Mixer HD is another fun music mixing app that lets you play DJ for a while.

Repix (Free)

What’s it about? There are a lot of solid photo editing apps, but not very many of them let you feel like a painter at a canvas. This app does!Repix

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What’s cool? Using loads of pre-loaded features, filters, patterns, and effects, Repix lets you be a little bit more expressive with your photo editing than most. Sure, most apps offer beautiful filters and frames, but they usually don’t let you draw with various kinds of brushes, effects, and patterns right on the photo. What I especially like about this app is the streamlined interface that doesn’t make tool selection a chore. Sure, the app is a little bit buggy at the moment, and also costs quite a bit to upgrade to the full, premium app, which is never fun. But aside from that, few apps offer such a blend of creative tools.

Who’s it for? Android photo enthusiasts who want some extra fun and expression in their editing.

What’s it like? Another editor with a similar focus is PicsArt – Photo Studio. For a more traditional editor, I’d try Photo Editor by Aviary.

Breach & Clear ($1.99)

What’s it about? A modern warfare game with a focus on the tactical side of things instead of the running and gunning.

What’s cool? From Gun Media and Mighty Rabbit, Breach & Clear is an all around good tactical strategy game. At its core, it plays like Frozen Synapse. Action takes place in real time, with enemies and soldiers reacting to each other based on your commands, though your commands are given while time is paused. It’s a neat kind of tactics game that we don’t see very much of, and it works well here. There are lots ofBreach&Clear customization options and other bells and whistles for your squad and weapons as you level up. Sadly, the game has a lot of unfinished ‘coming soon’ content, so it might be best to revisit this one after an update or two, but I can still recommend it.

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Who’s it for? People who want a little more thought and realism out of their squad based war games.

What’s it like? Frozen Synapse is the indie darling that pioneered this style.

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