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New Android apps worth downloading: Minutely, LinkedIn update, Hero Forge

Aug 8, 2013

Ever wish you could know down to the minute when the weather will change? It might not be quite that accurate, but today’s first app worth downloading, Minutely, hopes to get as close as it can. The weather app combines traditional forecasting data with crowdsourced information to bring you hyper-local two-hour forecasts perfect for planning outdoor activities. We’ve also got a handy update to business social network LinkedIn that makes it easier to search for things in the app, and Hero Forge, a role-playing title with skill-based, puzzle-centric combat, and the ability to take on other players online.

Minutely (Free)

What’s it about? Weather app Minutely looks to provide you with the ability to make short-term weather forecasts – and figure out when the weather might change – by combining traditional weather info with crowdsourced data.

What’s cool? The name “Minutely” refers to developer Ourcast’s attempt to make it possible to get minute-to-minute weather information in your area, allowing you to know when it’s going to start raining or get windy with some intense precision. The app works by combining the usual forecast information – 3-D radar data, long-term forecasts and the like – with crowdsourced information from users who can let you know what the conditions are like on the ground at any given moment. You can get hyper-local two-hour forecasts as well as nine-day forecasts, and Minutely packs social features like the ability to report your own weather and see reports of people around you.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking for a weather app with more information and which can be more useful in a shorter span of time, check out Minutely.

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What’s it like? Both Wedder and AccuWeather Platinum provide a ton of weather information from various sources.

LinkedIn update (Free)

What’s it about? LinkedIn is a social networking app that bypasses the usual sharing of photos and status updates, focusing instead on allowing professionals and business people to network online.

What’s cool? You’ve got social networks for sharing everything these days, from photos to music preferences. LinkedIn takes a different approach – it’s about allowing you to remember and network with your business contacts once you’ve made them, giving users the opportunity to stay in touch with associates and maybe even find new jobs. You can upload full resumes, leave lists of skills and employment history, and endorse (and be endorsed by) other users to let potential employers know what their strengths are. The network is also great for employers looking for new talent, and includes the ability to see top influencers in a field and read news of professional interest. LinkedIn’s newest update brings a powerful search feature that’s great for finding people, businesses and jobs.

Who’s it for? LinkedIn is geared toward pros who want to keep track of their connections, and maybe find new jobs, so social networkers looking to share photos of their lunches need not apply.

What’s it like? Bump and Sonar: Friends Nearby are both great apps for networking with people you meet professionally or online, as well.

Hero Forge (Free)

What’s it about? Combine role-playing mechanics and puzzle gameplay in Hero Forge, an addictive title that has players fighting battles using their puzzle-solving wits.

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What’s cool? Players of Hero Forge can take opponents from around the world in the game’s puzzle-based battles, but first they’ll have to develop a strong character through upgrades, crafting weapons, and other role-playing game staples. The game includes three different character classes to choose from, and once you’re set with your character, you’ll take him or her into battle that’s all about solving puzzles and exercising your skills. Battles are fought one-on-one against various opponents, and you can challenge your friends or track and share your progress with them, as well.

Who’s it for? Players who look for games that test skill, but still involve classic RPG elements like crafting and magic, should check out Hero Forge.

What’s it like? Get some more online RPG fun out of Pocket Legends.

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