New Android apps worth downloading: Microsoft Remote Desktop, Time Surfer, Rabbids: Big Bang

Oct 18, 2013

Get access to your desktop computer and your media, even when you’re away from your desk this weekend, with Microsoft Remote Desktop, our first app worth downloading today. As you’d expect, it lets you access Windows using your Android device across an Internet connection. We’ve also got some games for your enjoyment this weekend: Time Surfer, an endless runner that gives you the ability to reverse time and fix your mistakes, and Rabbids: Big Bang, a physics game in which you’ll fly around various galaxies with a jetpack.

Angry Birds Star Wars for two more games with spacey physics and challenges.

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Phil Hornshaw

Phil Hornshaw is a freelance writer, editor and author living in Los Angeles, dividing his time between playing video games, playing video games on his cell phone, and writing about playing video games. He’s also the co-author of So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveler’s Guide to Time Travel, which attempts to mix time travel pop culture with some semblance of science, as well as tips on the appropriate means of riding dinosaurs. Check out his profile.

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