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New Android apps worth downloading: Loss of the Night, Spin Alarm Clock, Triple Town update

May 1, 2013

Amateur astronomers and those interested in contributing to science should check out today’s top new app, Loss of the Night. The app measures light pollution and lets users contribute scientific data to a greater study. Following that is Spin Alarm Clock, an app that requires you to physically stand up and spin around in order to turn off the alarm. Finally Triple Town, a strategic match-3 game, was updated with a new gameplay mode.

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Loss of the Night (Free)

What’s it about? Loss of the Night is for studying light pollution in your area, measuring the amount of light being emitted into the nighttime sky, and taking part in a global light pollution study.

What’s cool? Astronomers and stargazers unite with Loss of the Night, an app that’s ostensibly part of a global effort to measure the effects of light pollution in various areas. Light pollution, or excess light emitted into the night sky, often by inefficient streetlamps, is being studied by scientists in a number of fields and might have a big effect on things such as health and sleep – as well as on the ability of astronomers to study the night sky. Loss of the Night takes measurements that users make of light pollution and feeds them into a larger research project. It also allows students and amateur astronomers to gather information about their own areas that they can use in studies of their own.

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Who’s it for? If astronomy and science interest you (or if you’re a student or a teacher), check out Loss of the Night.

What’s it like? Both Sky Map and Star Chart are useful apps for learning about the night sky and doing some amateur astronomy.

Spin Alarm Clock ($1.00)

What’s it about? Spin Alarm Clock makes sure you’re awake in the morning. It issues a loud and irritating sound, and it only lets you shut it down by standing up and spinning around three times. Talk about a morning workout!

What’s cool? Lots of people use their smartphones to help them wake up in the morning, but for many of us, an alarm you can just switch off with a button or a swipe isn’t quite powerful enough to get the job done. Spin Alarm Clock, on the other hand, seriously forces you to wake up, because it can’t be deactivated unless you’re definitely awake. In fact, Spin Alarm Clock requires you stand up and spin around with your device in-hand in order to deactivate it. The app includes options, such as a snooze button, and lets you set the number of times you need to spin around in order to deactivate it, if you need additional prompting to wake up. Spin Alarm Clock also supports voice assist.

Who’s it for? Anyone who has trouble waking up in the morning should give Spin Alarm Clock a try – if they can handle it.

What’s it like? For more tough-to-beat alarms, try Math Alarm Clock and Alarm Clock Xtreme.

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Triple Town update (Free)

What’s it about? Puzzler Triple Town requires players to make smart matches to build towns and rake in high scores.

What’s cool? Unlike other match-3 titles, Triple Town doesn’t just require players to make matches of three like objects to clear them from a grid. Instead, each match of three objects creates a single, better object. The goal then becomes to carefully place objects in the right places on the grid to create new, better matches as you slowly earn more and more high-level items. You’ll also have to contend with bears, who show up to wreak havoc on your growing town and disrupt your matches. Triple Town’s newest update adds a new “Spring” theme and a new game mode.

Who’s it for? If you like match-3 games, you’ll enjoy Triple Town’s aim at strategy and challenge.

What’s it like? Check out 10000000 and Dungeon Raid for a pair of match-3 title that require a little more in the way of strategy.

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