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New Android apps worth downloading: LifeKraze, Gogobot, Super Knights

Jan 28, 2013

LifeKraze is a social networking app that that provides discounts for achieving real-life goals and encouraging others to do the same. Up next is Gogobot, a travel app packed with information about destinations from around the world. Finally, swing on ropes and use physics to get around in Super Knights, an arcade game where your goal is to save the princess.

LifeKraze (Free)

What’s it about? LifeKraze is an interesting social network that’s all about posting your achievements as they happen and voting on the great things other people do. Those interactions earn you discounts from various online merchants.

What’s cool? There seem to be more and more social networks about encouraging other people to do good things in their lives, but LifeKraze adds a financial incentive. First, users post their own accomplishments, then they distribute a number of “points” they have each day to award to other people. As you accrue points from other users, you can turn them into discounts from places such as Skullcandy and The North Face.

Who’s it for? If you want to be involved with an uplifting social network, LifeKraze is the answer.

What’s it like? For more potential money-saving social networking options, try Foursquare.

Gogobot (Free)

What’s it about? Gogobot provides lots of information about different places in the world that you might travel, which comes in handy when planning a trip.

What’s cool? Gogobot includes information on more than 60,000 destinations across the world, and includes reviews by other users on things ranging from airports to hotels to local sights. The app lets you create maps of destinations, book hotels, and create custom photo postcards to share with other users. You can also write reviews and get key information, like phone numbers and hours of operation for businesses.

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Who’s it for? Gogobot’s loads of information is certainly useful to travelers.

What’s it like? Tripit Travel Organizer also makes planning your travel easier, and TouristEye helps you identify where you want to go.

Super Knights (Free)

What’s it about? In arcade title Super Knights you collect gems by moving your character around the screen using a rope to swing from various anchor points.

What’s cool? If you’re familiar with Cut The Rope, the mechanics of Super Knights will instantly make sense. You play a knight that swings back and forth from various different spots on the screen, collecting gems that are scattered around them; the only control you have is to tap the screen to release your rope at the right moment in your swing to control your direction. Your goal is to collect as many gems as fast as possible, while also avoiding enemies that move around the screen. You’ll also have to use physics and momentum to swing your knight in to the right places and at the right speeds.

Who’s it for? If you like arcade physics games, you’ll likely find Super Knights pretty addicting.

What’s it like? You’ll find similarities in games like Cut The Rope and Contre Jour.

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