New Android apps worth downloading: Klyph for Facebook, PLAY-DOH Create ABCs, Death off the Cuff | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Klyph for Facebook, PLAY-DOH Create ABCs, Death off the Cuff

Aug 15, 2013

Like Facebook on the web but dislike the Android version of the social network? You might not be alone, but there are alternatives to Facebook’s app, like today’s first app worth downloading, Klyph. It’s a Facebook app alternative that brings users a more Google-inspired interface. PLAY-DOH Create ABCs is up next, providing kids a space to create scenes with virtual PLAY-DOH while also teaching them the basics of reading. Finally, there’s Death off the Cuff, which puts players into a murder mystery and challenges them to bluff their way through revealing the murderer, in hopes of tricking the culprit into revealing themselves.

Klyph for Facebook (Free)

What’s it about? Klyph for Facebook provides users with an Android app alternative to the official Facebook app.

What’s cool? Klyph provides users with a Facebook experience that’s a little less Facebook-y and a little more Android-inspired. The app’s developers have applied a Google-like user interface to the social network, while Klyph provides a lot of the same functionality as the official Facebook app. Users can access the social network, update their status and post items like photos and videos. Klyph has some fewer capabilities compared to the official Facebook app because of limitations set by Facebook, but the trade-off of the clean, Android-inspired interface is worth it to many users.

Who’s it for? If you’d rather experience a more Google+-like version of Facebook, check out Klyph.

What’s it like? Of course, you’ll also want to check out the official Facebook app, and Flipster for Facebook.

PLAY-DOH Create ABCs ($2.99)

What’s it about? Educational app PLAY-DOH Create ABCs combines the building fun of PLAY-DOH with activities that help kids learn letters and the early skills involved in reading.

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What’s cool? PLAY-DOH Create ABCs is based on the PLAY-DOH modeling compound that kids have been playing with for decades, but it’s really an app that’s all about helping kids gain the early building blocks for learning to read. The app challenges kids to use virtual PLAY-DOH to sculpt letters, and the app also teaches them vocabulary words that go with the letters they create. When kids aren’t making letters, they can also use more virtual PLAY-DOH to create scenes that can be saved and shared across social networks and through things such as email.

Who’s it for? PLAY-DOH Create ABCs has had its features designed with a preschool curriculum in mind, so it’s geared toward younger kids.

What’s it like? More kids for teaching kids the basics of reading include Learn to Read and Kids Reading.

Death off the Cuff ($0.99)

What’s it about? An interactive fiction game, Death off the Cuff challenges players to take on the role of a detective and bluff their way through the “reveal” of a classic Agatha Christie-style murder mystery.

What’s cool? Anyone who’s ever watched an episode of “Poirot,” “Columbo” or “Murder, She Wrote” is familiar with how all those shows always end – with the detective solving the murder in a grand reveal that exposes the murderer with all the key evidence. Death off the Cuff puts players in the role of the detective in just such a murder mystery, but with a catch: You don’t actually know who the killer is. But the show must go on, so players are tasked with bluffing their way through that final reveal scene in hopes of tricking the murderer into revealing him or herself. The game is something of an interactive piece of text-based fiction, with the gameplay focusing on having conversations with characters, through which you can gather clues to help eventually solve the mystery.

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Who’s it for? Fans of murder mystery stories and story-based gameplay, with a little humor mixed in, should grab Death off the Cuff.

What’s it like? Other great text adventure stories include Trial of the Clone and Blood of the Zombies.

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