New Android apps worth downloading: Kids Media, TripAdvisor Hotels Flights update, Angry Birds Friends | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Kids Media, TripAdvisor Hotels Flights update, Angry Birds Friends

May 2, 2013

Parents, do you find yourself struggling to figure out what’s appropriate for your kids to watch, listen to or play? Kids Media, an app packed full of reviews about various kids media can help with that issue. Up next is a big update to TripAdvisor Hotels Flights, which has a huge amount of information in it for helping you get the most out of your travels. Finally, we’ve got Angry Birds Friends, a new version of the popular franchise that lets you challenge your Facebook friends.

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Kids Media (Free)

What’s it about? Get quick info about what to rent, stream, buy and show to your kids with the help of Kids Media.

What’s cool? Kids Media is an app that’s meant to help parents figure out what they’re kids should and shouldn’t be watching, before they buy those CDs, MP3s, DVDs, video games and books. The app sports more than 18,000 reviews on different media for kids, and allows you to search through them by name, or browse curated Top Picks for some of the most popular and useful entries. You can also save reviews for later if they’re particularly useful, or share them with other parents through Facebook and Twitter.

Who’s it for? Parents looking for useful information about what to let their kids watch are the target audience for Kids Media.

What’s it like? Grab Flixster for more helpful reviews of movies and more.

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TripAdvisor Hotels Flights update (Free)

What’s it about? Find travel reviews, maps, hotel and flight booking help and way more in TripAdvisor.

What’s cool? TripAdvisor is a phenomenal resource for travelers. Not only does it let you compare and read reviews about hotels where you might stay, it can help you find low-priced flights to book, and packs tons of information about travel destinations, from attractions to restaurants worth visiting. The app also has maps for getting around, features for finding cool things near you on the fly, and the ability to search for places to eat by a number of criteria. With its new update, TripAdvisor adds more features – namely, the ability to add your own reviews of places you stay, bigger photos and videos of different locations, and a whole new redesign.

Who’s it for? Travelers, TripAdvisor packs a ton of useful information aimed at making your vacations and wanderings much more successful and less stressful.

What’s it like? Both Expedia and SkyScanner can also help you save money on travel.

Angry Birds Friends (Free)

What’s it about? Angry Birds goes multiplayer with Angry Birds Friends, which lets you challenge your Facebook friends to see who’s the best birdslinger out there.

What’s cool? Angry Birds is already a fairly addictive experience, but up to now, mobile users haven’t been able to add trash talking their friends to the list of in-game perks. Luckily, Angry Birds Friends is here, adding a new layer to the bird-slingshotting, pig-smashing arcade game. You can challenge your Facebook friends to various Angry Birds Friends levels, and compete to see who can pull down the top score in each one. You can also compete in weekly tournaments and use power-ups to get the upper hand.

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Who’s it for? If you like Angry Birds, why not play it against people you know?

What’s it like? Don’t forget the other titles in developer Rovio’s franchise: the original Angry Birds, and the phenomenal Angry Birds Space.

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