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New Android apps worth downloading: Kicksend update, Zumba Dance, Devil Maker: Tokyo

Jul 17, 2013

Share your favorite photos and even send prints and have them delivered to your friends’ and family’s door with today’s Kicksend, the leader of our Apps Worth Downloading list today. It makes photo sharing easy and allows you to even send prints that users can pick up at local stores, such as Walgreens. We’ve also got Zumba Dance, a fitness game that uses your Android tablet’s front-facing camera to track your movements as you dance along with prompts on the screen. Finally, Devil Maker: Tokyo is a collectible card game that melds role-playing elements into CCG gameplay to make for deep strategic gameplay.

Kicksend update (Free)

What’s it about? Kicksend allows you to easily share photos, or order and send photo prints straight from your Android device to anyone you want.

What’s cool? You might have a huge number of photos on your Android device, but if you want to send them to other people, your options are usually pretty limited to the digital variety. Kicksend is all about sending photos to other people, but not digital copies – print copies. The app lets you purchase prints of any image you want and choose where to send them; the person receiving the photos can then go pick them up from stores such as Walgreens in their area as quickly as an hour later, or you can have photos delivered to their door. The app also includes photo-sharing capabilities, too, so you’re not only stuck sending prints Kicksend’s latest update allows you to earn free prints when you order enough paid ones, and has reworked its menu and user interface to make navigating the app easier and more intuitive.

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Who’s it for? Android photographers, use Kicksend to create gifts of images and to get them to friends and family easily.

What’s it like? Other photo-printing apps include PostalPix and Send & Print Photos + Delivery.

Zumba Dance ($4.99)

What’s it about? Use your Android tablet to get a great, fun workout wherever you are with Zumba Dance, a game that uses your device’s camera to track your movements.

What’s cool? You might have seen motion-based dance games on consoles such as the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, which use peripheral camera devices such as Microsoft’s Kinect to track player movements and gauge just how well you’re performing at a given dance. Zumba Dance does the same thing, using the technology available in your Android tablet – namely, its front-facing camera. The camera watches you as you dance along with the characters on the screen, and lets you know whether you’re doing the moves correctly. Zumba Dance comes with 40 different tracks to play with and three different modes, so you can get the kind of workout that’s right for you.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of Zumba, check out Zumba Dance as a way of keeping you on track for your fitness goals, while also having some fun.

What’s it like? Get a more workout than usual from Zombies, Run! and Fitocracy.

Devil Maker: Tokyo (Free)

What’s it about? Card battle game Devil Maker: Tokyo combines collectible card games with role-playing elements, and has more than 500 cards for players to use to work through its storyline.

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What’s cool? Devil Maker: Tokyo is both an RPG and a collectible card game, which means that while the gameplay is all about collecting cards to make powerful decks with which to subdue your enemies, the game also has a number of deeper strategic and upgrade elements as well. You’ll work through a single-player campaign that includes a story that has players working to fight off a darkness that has enveloped Tokyo, and you can upgrade your cards and even combine cards to make them more powerful over the course of the game. There’s also a multiplayer mode in which you can challenge other players to see how your deck stacks up against theirs.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of card games and role-playing titles try this hybrid of both.

What’s it like? You might also enjoy Magic 2014 and Tekken Card Tournament.

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