New Android apps worth downloading: imo Free Calls and Text update, Shifu: To Do & Task Manager, Siegecraft Defender | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: imo Free Calls and Text update, Shifu: To Do & Task Manager, Siegecraft Defender

Aug 29, 2013

Get in touch with friends, family, and even people you’ve never met with imo Free Calls and Text, our first app worth downloading today. Imo allows users to make voice calls and send messages across an Internet connection, and just added video capabilities to the mix. We’ve also got Shifu: To Do & Task Manager, a contextual to-do list app that sends users reminders when they go to certain places or have some downtime, rather than just providing a list of tasks to be completed. Finally, there’s Siegecraft Defender, a tower defense title that has players utilizing strategy to defend their castles in both a lengthy single-player campaign or in turn-based multiplayer.

imo Free Calls and Text update (Free)

What’s it about? Messenger app imo brings users the ability to make calls and send messages over their Internet connection, adding additional messaging features and cutting costs.

What’s cool? Imo is a messaging app, but it’s also something of a social network. The app gives users the ability to make voice calls and send various messages over their Internet connection. You can also send additional content, like pictures and videos, to your contacts, and doing so over a Wi-Fi connection is free. In addition to messaging, however, you can also meet and interact with other people across imo’s network, and create group chats and calls. The latest update to imo adds video calls to the app’s repertoire, providing a whole new way of contacting other users.

Who’s it for? If you want a great way to get in touch with other users, check out the features in imo.

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What’s it like? You can get some similar capabilities out of apps such as Skype and Tango.

Shifu: To Do & Task Manager (Free)

What’s it about? Shifu is a to-do list app, but it shares similarities with a virtual assistant and uses data stored in your device to suggest activities you can (or should) do.

What’s cool? To-do list app Shifu is a little more like a virtual assistant than a list of tasks that need performing. The app uses data in your Android device to learn about how you use your phone and create contextual to-do list activities. One example the app’s developers point to: next time you call your friend John, Shifu can remind you to ask him for the money he owes you. It’s much less about providing you a list of things you need to accomplish, as it is about giving you the information and reminders you need when they’re useful. You can create timed and location-based alerts and reminders, and Shifu can also recognize when you’ve got spare time, estimate how much time you have, and suggest tasks you need to accomplish that you can tackle during that time.

Who’s it for? If you could use smarter reminders and a to-do list that helps you manage your time, check out Shifu.

What’s it like? Grab for another solid to-do list app, and Iris for a personal assistant that’s a little bit smarter about helping you stay organized.

Siegecraft Defender ($2.99)

What’s it about? Build and defend a castle using a number of different defensive towers in Siegecraft Defender.

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What’s cool? Enemies are at your gates once again in Siegecraft Defender, and to fight them off, you’ll need to employ various towers to route your enemies and protect your castle. The game has players constructing a stronghold and then outfitting the surrounding area with towers that can bash, blast and slow approaching armies, and you’ll have to utilize the strengths of all 15 varieties to make it through the game’s campaign. Siegecraft Defender includes 30 levels in its lengthy campaign, and also sports a turn-based tower defense multiplayer mode, so you can take on other players across an Internet connection or with a pass-and-play mode.

Who’s it for? Tower defense fans will find a lot of strategy and interesting uses of genre mechanics in Siegecraft Defender.

What’s it like? You might want to check out developer Crescent Moon Games’ other titles, like Ravensword: Shadowlands and Paper Monsters.

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