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New Android apps worth downloading: iFunFace, Houzz Interior Design Ideas, ScribbleMix

Jun 7, 2013

We’re kicking off today’s haul of fresh apps with iFunFace, a popular title that just jumped from Apple’s iOS platform. The app lets you make fun videos out of still photos by cutting out the mouth of your photo’s subject and recording words for it to speak. We’ve also got Houzz Interior Design Ideas, a huge resource filled with photos and information on home design projects, and ScribbleMix, a multiplayer drawing title for kids.

iFunFace (Free)

What’s it about? iFunFace is a novelty app that lets users animate photos to make it look as though their subjects are talking.

What’s cool? Making goofy videos is one of the great passtimes of the Internet, and and iFunFace makes doing so extremely easy. The app lets you snap photos of people, animals or whatever, and animate them. The process requires you to identify the mouth of the person in the photo, which the app then cuts out. You can record your own words with the app and when you’re finished, iFunFace makes the photo subject speak them in a fully animated video. You can also add other elements to the video, like hats and glasses, as well, and share your finished products through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Who’s it for? Fans of goofy videos and taking photos with their Android devices can find some fun times with iFunFace.

What’s it like? Try Face Changer for more fun with photos, and Talking Tom Cat for an app that plays with the things you record.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas (Free)

What’s it about? As the name might have implied, Houzz is an app that brings you tons of ideas on interior and exterior design you can use in your own home.

What’s cool? Houzz bills itself as the Wikipedia of interior and exterior design, and that’s because it’s a crazy complete, highly detailed batch of information on different concepts and ideas. The app includes more than 1.5 million high-resolution photos of design ideas, and you can use it to create an “ideabook” of what you want your design to be like by taking photos that appeal to you and grouping them together. The app also has information about products and local designers, architects and more, and allows you to engage with the Houzz community to discuss your projects. Houzz recently put out a tablet version of the app, which means you can enjoy its huge number of photos on bigger screens.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking for help with an interior design project, Houzz is an app that can be very useful.

What’s it like? Check out 3D Interior Room Design, another useful tool, and Interior Design Ideas & Photos for more of both.

ScribbleMix (Free)

What’s it about? Draw pictures and guess what your friends are drawing with ScribbleMix, an online multiplayer title for kids.

What’s cool? Like an online game of Pictionary, ScribbleMix is a game in which two players work together, one drawing a picture and the other guessing what the picture is supposed to be. The game provides you with a phrase that cobbles together several words – like “Robot Surfing Above Clouds” or “Zombie Punching in Rain” – and requires you to draw it on your device’s touchscreen. The player on the other end has to figure out what the phrase you working from is, and you both score points if the guess is accurate.

Who’s it for? ScribbleMix takes the idea of drawing games with friends and makes it kid-friendly.

What’s it like? Draw Something and Pictionary are also popular drawing-based multiplayer titles.

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