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New Android apps worth downloading: Huffington Post for Android update, Map of the Internet, Temple Run Oz

Mar 7, 2013

Keep connected to what’s happening in the world this weekend with the recently updated and redesigned news app Huffington Post for Android, today’s first app worth downloading. We’ve also got Map of the Internet, an app that shows you the lay of the world wide web across the world, and Temple Run Oz, a tie-in title that mixes Temple Run 2 and the movie Oz the Great and Powerful.

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Huffington Post for Android update (Free)

What’s it about? The newly redesigned Huffington Post for Android brings the news site’s articles, blogs and connectivity straight to your phone or tablet.

What’s cool? Ever If you’re familiar with the web experience of The Huffington Post, you probably have an idea of what to expect from its Android counterpart. The app has been newly optimized for Android tablets and phones to bring you all the news content and blogs you could want in a convenient and easy to navigate form. You can set the app to allow you to read offline without an Internet connection, customize a list of your favorite sections and features, and share what you’re reading on Facebook and Twitter.

Who’s it for? If you’re already a regular HuffPost reader, read it on your Android device.

What’s it like? You might also enjoy The New York Times and USA Today for your news needs.

Map of the Internet (Free)

What’s it about? Map of the Internet shows you all the networks connected together to create what we know as the Internet, on a beautiful minimalist map of Earth.

What’s cool? If you’ve ever wanted to see what the Internet might look like from space if it were somehow lit up, Map of the Internet is your app. The app displays lots of different interconnected networks, service providers and systems to create a huge web, and presents them in 3-D, so you can move the globe around and tap different nodes of the Internet to learn more about them. The app also includes historical information about the Internet that can tell you a little bit about how different parts and elements came to be over time.

Who’s it for? If you’re fascinated by the geographical and historical sides of the Internet, check out Map of the Internet.

What’s it like? You can learn more stuff about the Internet (and other things) from Wikipedia.

Temple Run Oz (Free)

What’s it about? Tie-in title Temple Run Oz slightly alters the Temple Run 2 formula with elements from the film Oz the Great and Powerful, to successfully make something that’s familiar but fresh.

What’s cool? Like Temple Run Brave before it, Temple Run Oz brings Imagi’s formula for a behind-the-back 3-D runner and gives it a Disney film spin. While Temple Run Oz feels a lot like Temple Run 2, the game on which it is based, it iterates slightly with elements from the movie to create something new. As you run down the Yellow Brick Road, Temple Run Oz’s pathway twists, rises and drops seemingly even more than what we’re used to in Temple Run 2. Throw in segments that include riding in a hot air balloon, dodging flying monkeys and more, and Temple Run Oz does a solid job of setting itself apart without straying too far from the beaten path.

Who’s it for? Temple Run 2 fans and those excited about the film will find lots to like here.

What’s it like? You should definitely try Temple Run 2, and for another great tie-in game, go with Angry Birds Star Wars.

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