New Android apps worth downloading: Hoppit, Path update, Pixel Kingdom | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Hoppit, Path update, Pixel Kingdom

Mar 11, 2013

Today’s leading fresh app is Hoppit, a restaurant-finder that does a little more than just find you the food you want for the price you hope to pay. Instead, it also searches through restaurants by ambiance to help you match the location with your situation. We’ve also got an update to social network Path that adds messaging, and Pixel Kingdom, a light role-playing title that has you deploying troops to smash bad guys.

Hoppit (Free)

What’s it about? Hoppit is a restaurant-finder that works based on your mood, searching for restaurants that match the kind of culinary experience you’re going for, as well as what kind of food you want to have.

What’s cool? Lots of apps will help you find different kinds of food around you, and Hoppit can do that, too. But instead of just focusing on the nearest (and possibly cheapest) alternatives to your usual restaurants, Hoppit helps you find a restaurant that matches the kind of ambiance you’re hoping to enjoy. You can use it to find restaurants based on the scenario you’re currently facing – like a date or a dinner with the family – and Hoppit will deliver you search results that make sense for what kind of meal you hope to have instead of just what kind of food you want to eat. Just keep in mind that Hoppit is limited to a few cities at the moment.

Who’s it for? Restaurant-hunters, try Hoppit for a more intutive experience.

What’s it like? Yelp is also a tried-and-true favorite for finding great places to eat, as is Alfred.

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Also on Android Apps

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Path update (Free)

What’s it about? Social network Path aims to make its connections a little more intimate by keeping users limited to their friends and family, rather than allowing a huge number of “friends” users don’t know well.

What’s cool? Path’s limited friends numbers helps to keep the interactions on your social network a little more intimate, and the app supports a number of different ways that you can comment on and interact with images, videos and more. You get a number of emotions you can apply to updates that go beyond a “Like” button, and Path supports features like stickers and cross-posting, so you can use your other social networks as well. Its latest update throws in messaging capabilities that let you quickly get in touch with other users, and a premium “Shop” function that lets you buy things like photo filters to improve your posts.

Who’s it for? Users who wish for a social network that has more signal and less noise should try Path.

What’s it like? Facebook and Twitter are a pair of obvious contenders for your social networking attention.

Pixel Kingdom (Free)

What’s it about? Role-playing defense title Pixel Kingdom lets you set your troops loose to fight hordes of bad guys, improving their equipment and abilities along the way to make them more effective.

What’s cool? Pixel Kingdom takes a simple approach to its gameplay, making it easy to learn and tough to master. In each level of the game, players dispatch troops of various types to fight on a side-scrolling battlefield, working to counter and take down enemy troops. As you fight off bad guys, you’ll be able to unlock upgrades for your troops to make them stronger and more effective, but you’ll also have to deal with more than 50 different kinds of powerful enemies, so strategy will also be a factor.

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Who’s it for? If you like your role-playing titles simple and easy to digest, try Pixel Kingdom.

What’s it like? You might also enjoy Knights of Pen & Paper and Dragon Fantasy.

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