New Android apps worth downloading: Hangouts, update, Fixie Joe | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Hangouts, update, Fixie Joe

May 16, 2013

Connect with people face-to-face with Hangouts, Google’s newly released update to its Talk service. The app lets you have video chats with as many as 10 people – just like its web-based counterpart. We’ve also got an update to the Android app, which makes it easy for parents to order baby supplies from their mobile devices. Today’s game pick is Fixie Joe, which sends players on a classic run-and-jump platforming romp through a haywire robotics factory.

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Hangouts (Free)

What’s it about? Google is replacing its Talk service with Hangouts, bringing you the ability to participate in one-on-one and group conversations with a bunch of extra features.

What’s cool? Google Hangouts has been a thing for a while now for web users of Google’s many services, but it’s only now available for most Android users. The app is all about interacting with other people, allowing you to participate in group video calls with as many as 10 people in total, and you can bring in elements like photo collections and more to your interactions. The app also lets you initiate chats with your friends and leave them messages even if they’re not online, with additional elements like emoji available to augment the interaction.

Who’s it for? People interested in lots of communication capabilities with friends should grab the refreshed Hangouts.

What’s it like? You might also try Gmail for more Google services, and Tango for video and chatting capabilities.

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What’s it about? The app version of links users into the site’s huge catalog of baby-related products and gear.

What’s cool? Whatever you might need for your baby, has it. Whether you want to register for an upcoming baby shower or just order the everyday stuff you need to save a trip to the store, you can access’s full site catalog from its mobile app and make your orders from wherever you are. The app lets you access all sites, and you can make lists to save for later and reorder products you use frequently when you need them. The app’s latest update adds the Baby Registry to give you full control over your list, and stomps out some irritating bugs in the meantime.

Who’s it for? New and expecting parents, is aimed at making your lives easier.

What’s it like? Try Babies”R”Us Shopping and Baby Coupons for more opportunities to save money on baby supplies.

Fixie Joe ($1.04)

What’s it about? Platformer Fixie Joe has players running and jumping through a robotics factory, dodging enemies and trying to help Joe fix the haywire facility.

What’s cool? Fixie Joe harkens back to games like Super Mario Bros., sending players on a side-scrolling adventure through a strange world, where the major mechanics are careful, skillful jumping. In each of the game’s 10 levels, you’re tasked with collecting nuts and various tools in order to help Joe repair the robots and fix things up, and the entire experience culminates in a huge boss battle with a giant robot. There’s also a score system that gauges your performance in each stage, giving you an incentive to go back and try to play better a second or third time.

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Who’s it for? If you like old-school platformers, check out Fixie Joe.

What’s it like? Other great platformers include League of Evil and Rayman Jungle Run.

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