New Android apps worth downloading: Google Wallet update, Wickr Self-Destructing Messaging, Layton Brothers Mystery Room | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Google Wallet update, Wickr Self-Destructing Messaging, Layton Brothers Mystery Room

Sep 18, 2013

Google has had its Wallet service available for a while now, but issues with the app meant not every Android device owner could make use of the app and the service – at least, until now. The updated Google Wallet is your first fresh app today. It’s followed by Wickr Self-Destructing Messaging, an app that lets you send text messages that delete themselves after a set period of time. Finally, there’s Layton Brothers Mystery Room, a point-and-click adventure title that’s all about solving crimes.

Google Wallet update (Free)

What’s it about? Send money to other users and receive it quickly and easily with Google Wallet, or save your loyalty program cards for easy accessibility in stores.

What’s cool? Google’s Wallet service looks to help its users empty out their wallets – but in a good way. First, the app lets you send money to other people, as well as receive it, by linking straight to your bank account. That lets you pay bills and loan money to friends and family when you need to, or get money fast when someone is planning to help you out. The app also lets you chuck all those loyalty cards you’ve accumulated from various stores, because you can save them digitally instead and access them from one single place on your Android device. Google Wallet also lets users with near-field communication-enabled phones use their Android devices to pay at participating stores, skipping the wallet altogether. The app’s latest update rolls out a new version of Google Wallet that’s compatible with just about every Android device, so if you haven’t been able to use the app before, it should be open to you in the next few days.

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Who’s it for? If you’re looking for an alternative way to pay for things or send money, Google Wallet can help.

What’s it like? You can also get some similar money-sending capabilities with PayPal.

Wickr Self-Destructing Messaging (Free)

What’s it about? Wickr lets users send secure SMS messages to other users that automatically “self-destruct” after a set period of time.

What’s cool? Sending sensitive information through text messaging is often a recipe for disaster. Whatever you want to send to someone else, you’re surrendering all control of that data – be it text, a photo, or anything else – once you hit the send button. Wickr puts some of that control back in your hands, allowing you to send secure SMS messages, photos and other media, while also giving those messages an expiration date. The app works cross-platform, meaning you can send things to iOS users, and uses powerful encryptions to protect your messages. It also makes sure that things you delete from your Android device really are deleted, protecting your privacy even more.

Who’s it for? Users looking for a secure texting alternative with more control over what happens to messages they send should check out Wickr.

What’s it like? Whatsapp and Tiger Text are a pair of security conscious texting apps that are worth checking out as well.

Layton Brothers Mystery Room (Free)

What’s it about? Solve crimes by finding clues and solving puzzles in adventure game Layton Brothers Mystery Room.

What’s cool? There are murder mysteries to be solved in Layton Brothers Mystery Room, and you’re tasked with figuring out who the culprits are in a series of strange cases. As the son of the famous Professor Layton, you’ll be tasked with examining crime scenes for important clues and puzzling out the course of events in order to catch the culprits. You’ll also interrogate suspects to find holes in their stories, but primarily you’ll need a keen eye for inconsistencies and a discerning detective’s mind in order to solve Layton Brothers’ many cases. The game comes with a prologue and two cases for free, with more available through in-app purchases.

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Who’s it for? Adventure game fans who like mysteries should get a kick out of Layton Brothers.

What’s it like? Check out other great adventure titles, such as Broken Sword and Yesterday, for more intriguing puzzles and mysteries that need solving.

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