New Android apps worth downloading: Google Search and Shadowgun: Deadzone updates, Tonido | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Google Search and Shadowgun: Deadzone updates, Tonido

Apr 5, 2013

Google Search grabs the opening spot on today’s list because it added the ability to track packages and improved search speeds. We’ve also got Tonido, an app that lets you access the files on your computer on your Android device, and an update to Shadowgun: DeadZone that drops a whole lot of new content in the popular and polished multiplayer shooter.

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Google Search update (Free)

What’s it about? Google Search makes it easy to tap into the Internet for all kinds of information using text, image, and voice-activated searches.

What’s cool? Google Search’s update increases search speed and allows you to track packages you’re sending or receiving through select courier services. The app already has a number of great features for finding the information you need while you’re out in the world. It includes all the same features you’re used to with Google on the web, like searches through different categories using text search terms. You can also use its speech-to-text capabilities to speak your search terms, and your results are personalized to your location and other information.

Who’s it for? Anybody who ever needs information (about just about anything) while away from home should have Google Search on hand.

What’s it like? Get more search information from engines such as Bing and Yahoo! Search.

Tonido (Free)

What’s it about? Access just about any files from your computer (or the cloud) with Tonido.

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What’s cool? Using the files stored on your computer with your mobile device can be something of a pain, usually because items like word processing documents, media files and others aren’t quite compatible with Android software. There are lots of individual apps that can give you access to each file type specifically, but Tonido gives you the ability to view just about anything you’ve got stored on your computer automatically, including video. It allows you to stream files from your computer across your Internet connection, and can also access files in Tonido’s cloud storage drive or through its TonidoPlug service. You can download files to view them offline from your Android device, share them with other people by sending them across the Internet, and access them with your other Android apps, too.

Who’s it for? Those hoping to maximize their mobile productivity can get a lot of help from Tonido.

What’s it like? Check out Splashtop Remote Desktop for the ability to use your computer remotely from your Android device, and try TappIn to access more files from your home system.

Shadowgun: DeadZone update (Free)

What’s it about? Multiplayer third-person shooter Shadowgun: DeadZone pits players against each other in two different game modes.

What’s cool? As many as 12 players can face off against one another in Shadowgun: DeadZone, using a host of weapons, characters, and items to secure victory against opponents. The game’s update adds a bunch of new content, including eight new language translations, daily challenges and weapons to use, four new maps to play on, and the ability to track your game stats. Shadowgun uses a third-person perspective and cover mechanics that have players shielding themselves behind walls and using tactics and heavy weaponry against one another. Shadowgun features two modes – straight up Deathmatch, in which players’ goal is to kill one another, and Zone Control, in which defense and attack are more important – and allows you to unlock new weapons and gear over time as you improve.

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Who’s it for? If you enjoy multiplayer shooters, Shadowgun: DeadZone just got a lot bigger and more interesting.

What’s it like? Try the single-player version of the title, Shadowgun, and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for more intense multiplayer battles.

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