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New Android apps worth downloading: Google Search and RoadNinja updates, Slambots

Jun 27, 2013

We’ve got two big updates to kick off Apps Worth Downloading today, and they’re both great for summer travel. Google Search is up first, bringing the information of the Internet to you in quick, easy searches, and which has been updated with new features from Google Offers and more. RoadNinja is our second updated app, and its ability to tell you what’s coming in the next exit on the highway (and where you might stop for food, restrooms or great deals) has been improved with a newly strengthened search algorithm. Finally, we’ve got SlamBots to while away the hours in the car, an arcade title in which you jump up the screen and then come slamming back down on the heads of your enemies.

Google Search update (Free)

What’s it about? Search the Internet with a number of quick, easy options with Google’s dedicated Search app.

What’s cool? Finding information from the Internet when you’re out and about can be frustrating, which is what makes Google Search so handy. The app makes searching for the exact information you need as easy as possible, offering the ability to use text-based or voice-based searches and personalizing your results based on your location. Google has just updated the app to be even more powerful, throwing in a link between Search and Google Offers to help you quickly find places use coupons and save money. You can also activate music from your library or the Google Play Store with voice commands, sync up with your Google connected TV for help in show-related search results, and more.

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Who’s it for? This is a must-have app. If you never need information while you’re out, Google Search is invaluable.

What’s it like? Apps like Evi and Iris are also great at finding information with little work from the user.

RoadNinja update (Free)

What’s it about? Travel app RoadNinja clues you in on what’s coming down the road to help with bathroom breaks, food stops and more.

What’s cool? Road trips are great – until the inevitable moment when you’re on the highway and in unfamiliar territory, wishing you’d downed one fewer latte before setting out. RoadNinja helps make trips better, though, by providing tons of information about where you are and what’s coming in the next exit. You can use the app to find food stops and gas, and maybe most importantly, public restrooms. The app also does cool things like let you compare gas prices nearby and find local promotions as you pass, to help you determine where to stop. The latest update to RoadNinja introduces a new layout to the app, and adds a new, stronger search algorithm to make results even more reliable and useful.

Who’s it for? If you’re traveling on the road in America, RoadNinja is an app you’ll want with you.

What’s it like? Check out YP Local Search & Gas Prices and Tripit for additional trip-planning and road info.

SlamBots (Free)

What’s it about? It’s all about smashing stuff in arcade title SlamBots, in which players pilot a spiky-bottomed vehicle and crush robots.

What’s cool? SlamBots is like a vertical scrolling title, but without the scrolling. Players bounce around platforms, moving vertically in different arenas, but the goal is to get up above enemies and drop on them by touching the screen to “slam.” Moving around the screen is done with tilt controls, making SlamBots a fast-action arcade title that’ll have you carefully tilting to avoid obstacles and bring serious pain against enemies. You’ll also grab power-ups along the way to strengthen your slambot and rack up higher scores.

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Who’s it for? Fans of quick, fun points-based arcade games should check out SlamBots.

What’s it like? Velocispider is another great title with similarities in looks and mechanics, and Hyper Jump will scratch the itch to jump ever higher.

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