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New Android apps worth downloading: Google Play Books update, 1 Second Everyday, Champs: Battlegrounds

Aug 11, 2013

Get some reading in this week with Google Play Books, today’s first app worth downloading. The newly updated e-book store and reader now supports the ability to take notes and highlight text, making it great for students heading back to school and college. We’ve also got 1 Second Everyday, an app that encourages living life to the fullest by asking users to record a single second of each day, and allowing them to share the compilation videos they make from the clips. Finally, there’s Champs: Battlegrounds, a real-time strategy game that supports both a single-player campaign and multiplayer battles.

Google Play Books update (Free)

What’s it about? Google’s online bookseller app taps readers in to millions of titles, allowing them to search, discover, purchase and read books on their Android devices.

What’s cool? The prevalence of mobile devices has had the awesome effect of turning every tablet and smartphone out there into an e-book reader with the helps of apps like Google Play Books. Google’s take on the e-reader app and e-book store has the benefit of going through Google Play, which means finding and paying for e-books you want to read is pretty straightforward, using the same pay system that Android users already utilize to purchase apps from the Google Play store. Books also has some added features – it’s an e-reader, of course, and allows users to look up word definitions instantly, create bookmarks wherever they want, and sync their reading locations across devices. Books also just got updated to adds the ability to take notes and highlight passages, rent books, and copy text.

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Who’s it for? If you’re an e-book reader and a fan of Google’s Play setup, you’ll want to get Google Play Books on your device ASAP.

What’s it like? You’ll also want to give a try to Amazon’s Kindle app, and find more e-books with Universal Book Reader.

1 Second Everyday (Free)

What’s it about? Record a single second from every day of your life to make interesting, super-fast compilation videos and remember where you’ve been.

What’s cool? The idea behind 1 Second Everyday is a bit of a weird one. The app asks users to record a 1-second video, once a day – allowing them to remember each day from its one-second clip. The videos then get strung together to create a compilation title that can define your life in super-fast videos, helping users to remember everywhere they’ve been. The ultimate goal is for 1 Second Everyday to help users focus on living their lives to the fullest, and thus making their videos worth watching to others. The app access the videos on your phone and arranges them by date, so you can use old items you’ve recorded, and also supports multiple timelines, so allow users to record one second from every day of multiple people or from different categories. You can also compile videos for any given length of time and keep them for yourself or share them across social networks.

Who’s it for? Fans of sharing videos and of trying to get the most out of life should check out the interesting project that is 1 Second Everyday.

What’s it like? You might also find some interesting video sharing with Vine and Instagram.

Champs: Battlegrounds (Free)

What’s it about? Real-time strategy title Champs: Battlegrounds challenges players to command their armies and bring them to bear against enemies on grid-based battlefields.

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What’s cool? Champs: Battlegrounds uses elements from both sides of the strategy genre coin. On the one hand, it’s a grid-based game, so that means players move their units around to specific tiles in order to do battle. But it’s also a real-time strategy title, which means players aren’t forced to take turns. Instead, how your characters move around the battlefield and interact is determined by spending energy on them. Champs: Battlegrounds includes a full single-player campaign and the ability to challenge other players in an online multiplayer mode, and also allows you to upgrade your forces over time as you win more victories.

Who’s it for? If you’re into strategy titles, Champs: Battlegrounds offers a lot of content in its two play modes.

What’s it like? Also worth trying is developer Quark Games’ other title, Valor, and the well-loved Great Big War Game.

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