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New Android apps worth downloading: Google Keep update, Danger Dash, Lumber Jacked

Sep 7, 2013

Today’s apps will keep you on track, hitting the replay button like crack, and feeling totally jacked. Google Keep was recently updated past the 2.0 stage, and it brings lots of functionality to an already great app. Danger Dash is a derivative yet deliciously addicting endless runner, and Lumber Jacked will test your inner manly man with precision platforming. Yes, even if you’re a woman.

Google Keep update (Free)

What’s it about? Google’s answer to note taking and thought tracking, Google Keep makes it easy as pie to quickly set helpful notes to keep up with your cluttered and busy life.GoogleKeep1

What’s cool? Aside from the usual ease of use and an interface that is both stylish and intuitive, things we’ve come to expect from anything “Google,” this is a really handy tool. Whether you’re remembering a birthday, jotting down an idea, snapping a picture of something inspirational, or reminding yourself to call your nagging aunt, this app has you covered. It even allows voice to text transcriptions. The newest updates make reminders more powerful with Google Now, let you attach gallery photos to notes, and easily switch between accounts, making an already useful tool that much more useful.

Who’s it for? Pretty much everyone! Anyone with a lot to keep track of in their daily lives. Creative and business types, soccer moms, or whatever.

What’s it like? Some similar apps include Widget Notes – Whiteboard Pro and the ColorNote Notepad.

Danger Dash (Free)

What’s it about? An endless runner from Gameloft in the same vein as Temple Run, the game is all about getting as far as you can and nailing those high scores.DangerDash1

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What’s cool? Gameloft’s latest outing is pretty much the illegitimate love child of Temple Run and Agent Dash, throwing Agent Dash’s 3 lane switching system into a wild, overgrown Aztec temple kind of environment. Oh Gameloft. Some things never change… Despite not being the most original kid on the block, Danger Dash has a lot to offer. For one, the sense of speed in this game is wonderful, and exactly what many similar games fail to achieve. Plus with Gameloft’s bank backing it, the visuals are all very clean and vibrant. Plus there are some cool power-ups, like the ability to turn into a wild tiger.

Who’s it for? Anyone who likes and is not yet completely sick of endless runners.

What’s it like? I hate to be redundant, but Temple Run 2 and Agent Dash are pretty much the best examples.


Lumber Jacked (Free)

What’s it about? It’s a challenge driven platformer with great physics, awesome pixel art, and lumber jacks. What’s not to love?LumberJacked1

What’s cool? The latest Everplay Interactive title to mosey its way over to Android, Lumber Jacked is full of stuff to love; A comical theme of lumber jacks versus their arch nemeses, beavers. Tight gameplay and an awesome physics engine that make for some great puzzles and level designs. Plus an art style that really conveys a sense of scale as you see lumbering evergreens scroll through the background. The color schemes are just gorgeous all around, and beating the timers on every level will only make you feel that much more like a manly jacked up lumberjack.

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Who’s it for? Anyone who loves a good challenging game, platformers, or sweet retro aesthetics.

What’s it like? The main inspiration for this game was clearly League of Evil, which is also on Android these days!

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